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Hire A Freelance Video Editor To Make A Promotional Video For Your Business


It is easier than ever before to advertise your company if you are a small business owner. Even small, one-man operations will tend to have an online presence – usually a website – while the public can find out more about the product or service that they offer and hopefully become customers. With the Internet you have a way to reach people regardless of the size of your ad budget, but there is one medium that you may not have considered using in your efforts to get the word out about your company. I'm talking about making use of short business promotional videos on your website.

Video is one of the best ways to engage and teach people about almost any subject, and it lends itself very well to business promotion, as evidenced by the untold amounts of money spent over decades on commercial television advertising. Fortunately it is no longer prohibitively expensive.

Hiring a freelance video editor to facilitate the creation of compelling, 30 seconds to one minute promotional videos is a great way to insert easy-to-digest information about what you do in your website. You might be surprised at how little you'll have to do to help your video freelancer accomplish this task.

If you have a website, you already have virtually every element that your editor will need to construct your promotional video. He will make use of still photographs that you've chosen to represent your business, and a voice over of the promotional copy that you have written. Presenting the photos in an elegant way, with transitions and titles along with the voice over and background music as appropriate will add up to a little promotional gem that will work to convert people who tend not to read the advertising copy on websites.

Best of all, you'd probably be amazed at how little it costs you to have this video created for you. A freelance video editor can probably accomplish the task in a week or less for no more than a couple of hundred dollars. He should be prepared to deliver the finished product to you on a DVD, as well as a video file that you can tag properly and upload to YouTube for free hosting. Then, you or your webmaster can simply insert the YouTube embed code into an appropriate place on your site. Obviously this will serve to amplify the overall professionalism and look of your site. You will also see traffic via YouTube, as the video itself will be indexed and be found in search engines. If you're looking to expand your business – and what business owner is not? – a promotional video could have been an inexpensive step in that direction.

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