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Health With Yoga


The yoga exercises not only help muscles healthy but also create a mental state totally refreshing. But yoga will only work if you exercise regularly regularly maintained.

Noticed a few things before you begin:

Learn breathing exercises to suit each part of the yoga moves. Start by breathing slowly through your nose. Stressing the abdomen as you breathe in, then to the chest and finally the upper part of the lung. Exhale the same way, apply the stomach as you inhale. How to maintain this breathing exercises in each location vary. Yoga, you should know movements "upright." This action helps you learn to stand upright properly and also the action moves to another platform. Upright so that the toes and heels touching each other, focusing on the gravity side street, not in the foot and heel tip. Stressing the patella and quadriceps by pulling downwards; hip posture inward. Hand extended to both sides of the body. Palms should be on the thighs, the fingers towards the floor. Keep head and back straight. Breathe lightly on the abdomen, sternum light lift and expand the chest.

Step 1: Stand with legs wide open about 1.2 m, nose, feet facing forward. Inhale, put your hands in position and then turn left leg thigh a 90 degree angle to the left, exhale and bend the body tilted to the left. Turns his head toward his right hand raised straight straight upwards. Returned to its original position and switch sides.

Step 2: Stand up straight, legs extended with the shoulders, knelt down with the knees and palms placed on the floor, slowly raise the legs up so that the legs and arms stretched tension as possible. Maintain this position for several breaths and then return to its original position and repeat.

Step 3: lying on the floor with both hands placed close to the body sides. Knees bent so that the heel close to buttocks. Raise hips slowly up and breathe, relax, slowly lower hips to the floor.

Step 4: Sit sideways on the wall, turning the whole body towards the wall and landed on it. Slowly lower back down to the head and neck on the floor. Stretched out his hand so that the palms facing the ceiling. Close your eyes and breathe in about 3-4 minutes.

Step 5: Starting position is standing straight with feet hip extension. Breathing and raising your hands up toward the ceiling. While exhaling, bend back down. Meanwhile, two hands folded together.

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