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After the most advanced health care systems that involve incredible lifesaving techniques, amazing drugs and surgical procedures that astound us, the all too common diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, arthritis and respiratory diseases have shown a tendency to increase rather than decrease.

It is interesting to note that research has shown that changes in how and what we eat can dramatically affect our health. Even just cutting down on processed foods, sugars, alcohol and fat can improve one's health quite quickly. Increasing the intake of healthy foods is vital to good health care.

As is well understood, healthy foods consist of fresh foods such as vegetables and fruit, nutritious wholegrains, nuts and seeds. What is not commonly known is that the process of cooking healthy foods destroys vital nutrients. Cooking changes the nature of food proteins, fats and fiber which cause these food constituents to be not only less health promoting to the body but can even be harmful. Vitamin C and the vitamins in the B group are water soluble which means that when foods are soaked, blanched or boiled, a high percentage of these vitamins are leached out.

Eating healthy foods in their raw state does several things. It eliminates accumulated wastes and toxins and restores the level of nutrients that are so essential for optimum cell function. Added to that the efficiency with which cells take up oxygen increases, thereby releasing the energy that is needed for optimum health. In short raw vegetables and fruits are simply powerhouses of energy.

Proof that the raw food and fresh vegetable and fruit juice way of life really does work was made abundantly evident to me when I successfully beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome some years ago after embarking on this revolutionary new way of eating. It is not a restrictive diet nor is it time consuming, but an exhilarating and delicious way of attaining and maintaining optimum energy and fitness levels.

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Source by Rachel Bolton

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