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Health Benefits of Fasting


The practice of fasting, meaning the deliberate restriction of food from your body over a fixed period of time, is sometimes viewed as an extreme weight loss technique. However, many people who try fast for this purpose do not realize there are reasons why fast is actually not an optimum weight loss practice, even though it does in fact offer some other very helpful health benefits. Let's take a look at some facts about this practice and discuss the health benefits of fasting.

Fasting for weight loss:

On the surface, it would appear to be a no-brainer that depriving yourself of food would help you lose weight. Naturally, any practice of fasting will greatly reduce your caloric intake, even if you are only drinking juice during the fasting period. Cutting calories does help your body burn fat, however an extended fasting period will also send your body into a sort of "survival mode", which means that your metabolism will slow down as your cells prepare for what may be an extended period with no additional fuel. A slower metabolism works against the practice of trying to burn fat.

Health benefits of Fasting:

The reasons to consider faster have more to do with the need to detoxify your digestive system and your internal organs, purging them of some of the nasty waste products that have been collecting there over time. During a fast, the body will begin to fever on these waste products, and they will be expunged from your system as the body will finally have a chance to work on them.

The Sponge Analogy:

Think of it like squeezing a sponge … the harder you squeeze, the more you get the last bits of dirty water out of the sponge. This detoxification process can have innumerable health data fits over the course of your life, preventing disease and improving your mental acuity.

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