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Hard Cash – An Overview


A hard money policy involves those which oppose the fiat currency and are there before the specie standard that generally includes gold or silver. Hard money is helpful in real estate investment by giving the investors an option of asset based capital. It does not relate to any traditional banking criteria. These loans are based on equity and the score of the credit of the borrower is not considered. These are expensive and also risky for both the lender and also the investor.

The most beneficial point here is that it works at a very fast pace. Generally, other financial issues take long whereas this can be done within 2 to three days from the day you finish all the formalities. You can avail the hard money loan against collateral security and can be used for residential as well as commercial purposes. A conventional loan takes about 4 to 6 weeks to process. A hard money loan is the one which is based on asset based loan financing. In this the funds are received are secured. These funds that the borrowers receive are secured by the value of a parcel of real estate.

But these loans are issued at a very high rate. In comparison to the commercial or residential property loans, the rate of interest is higher and also these loans are rarely or rather never issued by the commercial banks or any other deposit institution. They are similar to a bridge loan in terms of costs and also in the criteria of lending. The main difference is that in the latter, the reference is to a commercial property or even investment property that is still relocating and therefore does not qualify for the conventional financing. But whereas in the hard money loan, not only includes asset based loan at a higher rate, but also includes a financial crisis such as bankruptcy, foreclosure etc.

For the lenders of hard money, it's a day's work. These are private individuals and small institutions, but they are able to provide and operate when even the largest names fear that they may end up in a loss while giving a loan to the needy. There are not many such companies providing this facility and therefore they come at a higher price. But at times they are the only choice left to the borrower.

The buyers who go for very expensive properties or even own such properties, and they want that they cash out amounts from the equity, they often turn towards private money []. Similar is the case with the real estate developers. These private hard loans become their choice because it involves less formalities and restrictions than the conventional bank loans.

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