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Guide to Creating Your Business Slogan


A good business slogan can help you stand out when competition arises. If you have a business tagline that carries a simple and powerful message while your competitor just has a logo, you have the advantage of winning over the target customers. The right tagline (s) can dictate how you're perceived both external and internal.

What Is a Business Slogan (Tagline)?

Any form of business branding plan must involve the creation of a slogan. It is one of the basic elements necessary in building an effective brand campaign. A slogan typically consist of a short sentence or a phrase that serves to reinvigorate the business's name. In fact, many big time businesses have created highly successful business logos, so successful that the logos themselves have been recognized by the customers as much as their names.

Taglines are often dismissed as elements for effective branding, which is also the reason why even a potential good business name fails to deliver, its main purpose is mainly to enhance and boost the name or provide a tiny glimpse of what the brand promises to deliver. Even a simple phrase can go a long way when they are active with your brand. Follow these steps to creating an effective business tagline.

1. Consider why you need a slogan. Think about what is most important for your business. Make your business slogan original, memorable, to differentiate your business and include a key benefit.

2. Examine other logos and decide what works and what does not. For example, "Y'ello! Nigeria", "Everywhere You Go", "Life Is Beautiful" by MTN are memorable and immediately conveys a strong image.

3. Be truthful. It is bad if your slogan claims that you are "the largest restaurant in the town". While, there is another larger restaurant (s) outlet in the town. Instead, concentrate on what distinguishes you from your competitors.

4. Create an emotional response. People like it when a tagline takes them to somewhere emotionally. A tagline takes you there in your head, when you were on those road trips and had a little more freedom.

5. Make your business slogan customer focused. Try to know the opinion of your customers. What they like about your business and integrate it into your business slogan.

A good business slogan tells your customers the benefits you offer them, shows how you position yourself against your competitors, and makes your business memorable to prospective customers.

Golden Rules


  • Be original
  • Be memorable
  • Be simple
  • Be believable
  • Include a key benefit
  • Impart positive feelings for the brand
  • Recall the brand name
  • Differentiate the brand
  • Reflect the brand personality
  • Be strategic
  • Be competitive
  • Be neat
  • Help in ordering the brand


  • Use something in current use by others
  • Prompt a sarcastic or negative response
  • Be pretentious
  • Be negative
  • Be corporate waffle
  • Be complicated

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Source by Temitope Samuel Ayanda

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