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Girls Holding Tulips – The Great Tulip Trade

Girls Holding Tulips - The Great Tulip Trade

Girls Holding Tulips - The Great Tulip Trade

For the Home Ec class I taught this week, I focused on the Netherlands, bulbs, indoor gardening, and Dutch food. Read the girls "The Great Tulip Trade" (it’s a children’s book that addresses the high value that tulips had in the 1600s and the subsequent tulip crash that left many people poor and struggling).

A tulip in the 1600s would be traded for household goods, jewelry, a house, livestock…any number of items depending on the value of the tulip.

Tulip growers obviously benefited greatly from the trade, but those who invested in the tulips were eventually hard hit because the market for tulips plummeted. Now, tulips are relatively inexpensive and available to everyone.

Each of the girls received a tulip to take home to tell their family about tulips, bulbs, and the Netherlands.

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