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Trigger so much devotion in him…

…that he will never think about another woman

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Frog Formula unmasks the science behind his sudden loss of interest & his unwillingness to commit

Discover why you are attracting the same type of man over and over again by subtle things you do and say!

Men are psychologically wired in one of THREE major ways..

 You unconsciously act in a way, that turns off the very men who want to  commit & make you truly happy.. 

….This is why the numbers game “kiss enough frogs” does NOT work!

I am going to tell you some things that may be hard to read.. but they are necessary.. sometimes the truth can be ugly and hurtful but is needed for life altering change. 

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Did you know that in the Russian folk tale version of the fairytale, the Frog Prince, the frog is actually a woman?   

Sometimes we are the frog and don’t even realize it.  By “frog”, I don’t mean looks, weight, height or anything related to physical appearance, state of finances or intellectual capability. 

The frog is something or someone that brings out the worst in you by triggering unconscious pre-wired behavior, crushing your chances at a happy relationship.    

We like to think that we are in control but much of the time, we are on autopilot. 

Ladies, it’s not just men who go hunting with beer goggles on..  In our case, the beer goggle is our pre-programmed view of the world that we cling to for dear life.  

This kind of faulty programming holds us back from entering into a happy relationship with someone who genuinely gives a sh*t about us. 

If you believe that 1+1 = 3 as fact, you are not going to be going far in the field of advanced mathematics.  

Your foundations are incorrect.  Believing false facts about relationships at a subconcious level holds you back from riding into the sunset with Prince Charming.  

About half of the population has an insecure relationship attachment style.  That’s a whole lot of frustrated & unhappy people!  

We are reacting robots most of the time, repeating the very same patterns.  We have been programmed a certain way, then we wind ourselves up and repeat the same behavior over and over again, sometimes for a lifetime.  

I want you to switch to another mode of being when it comes to relationships.  I want you to give off of a vibe of being a woman of quality, not someone who is putting herself on a going out of business sale.  

Ps. You can be very successful at your job, business, art or athletics but still give off a vibe that you are NOT a woman of substance when it comes to relationships.  

What you think is subtle behavior, is a flashing light putting off quality men – and you will be stuck with the toads doing the fade-away, usually after they get what they want…  

….because no man will ever tell you he is just having a wee bit of fun with you until someone better  (relationship material) comes along.  

My name is Kat Stevenson.  I am not a psychologist or a doctor.  My unique qualification in giving relationship advice comes from my self-inflicted world tour of dating “aloof” men, then learning from my many mistakes and finally landing my partner in crime, my very best friend.

Once upon a time, I have kissed more frogs than I care to admit, and have occasionally been the frog myself.   Having worked in the cross-cultural communications field on five continents, I have amassed a great deal of information on what makes human beings tick.  

I have learned from people who do have fancy psychology degrees and combined this knowledge with my people management and anthropology work from the cities and suburbs of the US of A, to African safaris, deadly conflict zones and world capitals.. The most life changing works I have researched were on Adult Attachment Science.  

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Human behavior is a lot like playing chess.  There are a fixed number of different players. They move differently according to the rules prescribed to them. 

Human beings are very predictable once you understand their programming.  Once you figure out what makes certain personalities tick, you can anticipate their next move – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Once you understand the game, yourself, and the other players, the world is your oyster. It is nothing short of having a superpower.  

Men, (people) are really not that complicated, but you need to know which piece you are moving on the board. 

Why not become a Grand Master when it comes to relationships of any kind?  If you have to pick a chess piece, why not be the Queen, who can move in any direction across the board? 

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There are four types of people when it comes to adult romantic relationships according to the field of Adult Relationship Attachment Science*:

Tango is all about the AXIS.  Two human beings connected in a sensual way, leaning against each other, twisting and turning but both of them are safely rooted in their axis, so should one turn away, the other one doesn’t fall down. 

I’ve spent many months in Argentina, where the tango is very much alive, and not in the way of a tourist trap.  Tango is not just a dance, it is a transposition of human relationships.  

If there is one thing we can learn from the tango, is always maintain our axis, so we don’t fall down should another person turn away or disappear. 

Roberta (35) fell in love with James (38) at first sight.  They met on a popular online dating platform.  Roberta has been on a number of lackluster internet dates where men lied about their height, age, jobs, and posted pictures from ten years ago.  

Then Roberta met James.  He was so much more handsome in person than in the profile picture.  He was everything he claimed to be in the profile and more.  The conversation at the mall coffe shop flowed effortlessly.  They had so much in common.  James seemed enchanted with her.  

He gently brushed her hand as if by accident, then took hold of her hand.  It was such a small gesture but she was smitten.  He called her beautiful and smart.  He looked at her with genuine admiration.  

He walked her to her car and passionately kissed her.  They ended up making out on the hood of her car like teenagers.  He followed up with a text to make sure she got home safe.  He had an overseas assignment but still managed to call.  They spoke for hours every day.  

When he came home, he rushed straight from the airport to see her with a bouquet of flowers.  Things got physical way sooner than Roberta wanted but what the hell, she didn’t want to lose him.  She also didn’t want to play games or hard to get.  She was all about honesty.  

After two months of being the model boyfriend, James didn’t show up for a date.  He also didn’t return her calls until two days later, and then only to break the next date with the excuse of being sick.  However, every time Roberta has mentally prepared herself that it was over, he resurfaced making her feel that she overreacted.  

Roberta and James had planned a European long-weekend getaway beforehand.  Roberta booked the hotel..  James seemed to be looking forward to it, even though the frequency of the calls and texts have been getting more and more scarce.  

After their first date, James managed to call her from overseas from daily.  Now they were in the same zip code and he was extremely busy redecorating his kitchen with his friends to even text her back.  

The more James retreated, the more Roberta pursued, not realizing that anything or anyone you chase runs away.  

Roberta lost out on her European getaway.  She spent the vacation time she already requested off from work in the gutter feeling sorry for herself.  

She felt like an idiot having already told people about her new relationship.  She blamed herself for not seeing the relationship as too good to be true from the beginning.  She retraced every text message and email to see where she went wrong.  

James never showed up for the European getaway.  He didn’t call or write to cancel.  He just disappeared.  Roberta figured it out a couple days before but kept hoping for a grand gesture which never came.  

A few weeks later, a “Dear Jane” email arrived from James explaining that he just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to date and was so busy with work that he barely had time to spend with his dog.  He was also going back to school so he was going to be a busy, busy man.  

Roberta took this to try to convince James to get back into a relationship with her so she could take care of the dog while he worked and studied.  James never responded, however, Roberta still held a candle for him for months to come.  

She finally got the message when James’ online profile resurfaced again.  He found the time among work, school, and the dog to date other women.

When Roberta reached out to him by email suggesting they be friends, he never responded. 

Roberta went back to reading self-help books on how not to be so needy and clingy and drive men away.  

James wouldn’t be caught dead reading those books.  According to him, the problem is with the women he dates, not himself.  He just hasn’t met the right one.  It’s just a numbers game.  (pst. we know it isn’t.)  

Given Roberta & James’ attachment styles, what may seem like great chemistry at the beginning is actually a disaster waiting to happen.  Both James and Roberta could benefit greatly from dating a secure person. 

Someone truly secure in their relationship attachment could give Roberta the closeness and affection she needs.    Similarly, a secure person could give James the space he craves so he keeps coming back for more. 

Relationships between two people with insecure attachment styles can lead to a whole lot of pain and suffering.  

Frog Formula’s secret sauce is creating a blueprint for changing your attachment style.   Let me tell you, the difference between a secure and an insecure relationship is like flying first class vs. getting stuck in coach in the middle seat.  

If you are in an insecure relationship, the longer the relationship, the longer the flight in the middle seat without a seabelt constantly going through turbulence.. 

I want to get you out of that uncomfortable middle seat and into first class! 

There is a far better, happier, more fulfilled love life waiting for you but only if you are willing to take certain simple steps to change your subconscious behavior.  

You are subconsciously choosing the uncomfortable seat…  

First class is yours for the taking without the heavy price tag.  

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The real problem is that anxious and avoidant people attract each other like disastrous magnets.  This only leads to a vicious cyclone of frustration and unhappiness. 

Another war, us women constantly wage is against time.  You do not have time to waste on frogs, which is why this information is all the more crucial.  Women on average may live longer in terms of average life expectancy, but men live longer in terms of quality of life.  A 40 year old man is still considered “young” with plenty of time to settle down.  

These attitudes are changing, and I know women who look better and are much happier at 40 than they were at 20.  The internet is full of celebrity mothers who had kids in their 40’s.  The reality is also that there is a reason this makes the news. 

We pick certain men blindly because we don’t even realize that we have grown up with permanently glued on distorting goggles on.  We miss red flags.  We paint rosy pictures of someone we hardly know.  We hold onto false facts and miss out on a happier reality.  

The eye of the hurricane is characteristically calm.  When you are in the eye, you don’t realize what’s going on but everyone else can see disaster a mile away.  Don’t let another man who is programmed to distance himself waste your precious life.  There are plenty of good men out there.  

Let Frog Formula show you how to pick the good apples while spotting the ones that are likely to give you the relationship equivalent of food poisoning.  

….Frog Formula makes sure you invest your time & heart wisely

Given that there are 3 major relationship attachment styles, on top of other personality traits, you need to invest your time wisely.  

You cannot have everyone like you, no matter how kind, hot or brilliant you are.  

 If you don’t know who you are, you will just accept anyone and will try to conform to what you think they need.  

The key is recognizing whose cup of tea you are and investing your time, heart and energy wisely.  There are enough men waiting to waste your time in short intervals for a lifetime.  

No woman ever decides to let a man waste her time.  She believes this could be the one & invests her time in the wrong kind of man over and over.

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Many women find they can’t get over someone without closure.  This will drive you crazy and put you in a mental loop constantly thinking about someone who may not think you are worth the air he breathes. 

There is a psychological reason for this.  I will show you what is causing it.  He is not the “one who got away”.

Despite of how crappily someone has treated you or ghosted you without an explanation – our minds have a way of tricking us into a mental reflex reliving his best (real or imagined) qualities.  

The lack of closure is triggering an effect on you because of a continuous mental loop.  Once you understand it, you have the power to change it.  

Becoming aware of this critical scientific discovery will spill over to other parts of your life as well.. 

I want you to pack your bags & leave the emotional hurricane behind..  If you fall into the Anxious Attachment Style category, this willl be difficult because you are even more wired to stay attached…

….but it is possible, and it is life changing.  

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Our culture and hoards of self-help books have conditioned us that there is a war between men and women.  However, the “war” is between the anxious and avoidant people.  There are plenty of anxious men who attract avoidant women over and over again as well.  

While this program was written specifically with women in mind, the theories expressed in it apply to men & same-sex couples as well.  

While society treats men and women differently, there are indeed differences between how men and women communicate, but this is only part of the answer.  

Intimate relationships are like playing chess.  There are a certain number of players and there are certain predetermined rules of nature.  If you are not aware of how the different players move and what the rules are, you aren’t playing chess.  You are playing snakes and ladders, and that with a blindfold on.  

Just like getting into shape or going to medical school can radically transform your life, so can the awareness of attachment science and micro habits.  If you have an insecure attachment style (anxious or avoidant), you can become secure by becoming aware and changing your micro habits.  People can change their attachment styles over time.  

Unfortunately, adult attachment science is not thought in schools, and many women end up either chasing avoidant men their whole lives or settle for an unhappy relationship.  

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You have certainly heard of “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” by Lao Tzu.  But what if a single step is not enough?  That’s when we have to start with a baby step.  

In some cases, for those of us who lack momentum, we have to start with something even smaller than a baby step – we need micro steps. 

For profound and lasting change, we need to turn those micro steps into micro habits.  This can be done for writing a book you’ve always wanted but never got around to, getting your dream job or getting into the shape of your life.  

What previously seemed impossible is no longer daunting.  You don’t need inspiration, because let’s face it, inspiration only gets you so far.  You need momentum, and the more microscopic the habit, the more attainable the goal.  

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Please note that the book image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.

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Relationships end.  Some should have never begun.  Some scar us so badly that we begin to look at ourselves like we are having a Going Out of Business Sale.  

We are victims of our programming.  Sometimes you can read hundreds of self-help books and not see the obvious problem.  The problem is that you see a version of reality as fact.  

It’s not your fault.  Once we determine something as fact, our RAS (reticular activating system) is on a search mission to find that same “fact” in all areas of life.  

You went on a date with yet another “a**hole” so you conclude that all men are this way.  Your mind goes, every time there is a man who falls short of gentlemanly standards, hey! see?! there goes another a**hole.   

You are so consumed in hurt and frustration that you actually miss out on some really great men.  In case you are still wondering, yes, there are some really great men out there who are just as frustrated as you are.  

“I’ve been wasting my life chasing what you would call avoidants.  I’m finally in a secure relationship and let me tell you, the difference is like night and day.”

“Frog Formula made me laugh and cry.  It is brutally honest but I badly needed it.  I was obsessing over how to get my ex back but Frog Formula thankfully changed my mind.  I weeded out some more avoidant men from dating apps but now am in a secure relationship.”

“I was the “frog”!!  I didn’t even realize it!  I was subconsciously pushing good men away.

I am highly educated.  I always had great jobs, my own place etc.  I always thought of myself as an independent woman of substance but I wasn’t projecting that in relationships.  I was the very opposite of a woman of substance when I was with a man.”  

You may be a great communicator when it comes to your friends, even male friends.

Are you an effective communicator when it comes to men in relationships?  

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Please note that the book image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.

Before you can influence anyone else, you need to be in control of yourself, or Queen over self. 

Most of our problems are of our own doing.  Fortunately this means that we can undo them as well.    

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Please note that the book image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.

7 Essential Secrets to LOVE that lasts:

Understand why even committed relationships fail in the first place and make sure it never happens to you.  

Please note that the book image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.

A cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind.

Once you live a life less cluttered, you’ll be forced to contemplate things you  suppress.

Please note that the book image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.

The Iceberg Method is based on research of the psychology of some wildly successful people.

Your current success is just the tip of the iceberg.  The Iceberg Method dives deep beneath the surface to discover how you can be so much more. 

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Please note that the book image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.

Frog formula is the result of 15 years of global research.  I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on travel around the world, meeting people who could shed life on the secrets of happy relationships. 

Bonus #1 – Frog Comm: Speak HISLanguage

Bonus #2 – Queen Caliber

Bonus #3 – 7 Essential Secrets to Love that Lasts

Bonus #4 – 10 No Fail Relationship Techniques

Bonus #5 – The Iceberg Method

Try Frog Formula for yourself for a full 60 days!

If for any reason you are not happy, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

The way I see it, is that you have two options.. 

Option One is to close this page without joining the program…

And settle for staying a diamond in the rough and in many ways an average love life or worse.. 

Keep spending your precious life on men who don’t appreciate you and will never give you what you truly want and need.

With a lot of hard work, struggle, and frustration to keep working harder at relationships that go nowhere.. 

And surely you deserve more than that.. 

Just take my hand right now, enroll in Frog Formula and let me guide you through the wisdom of the ages..

You will get EVERYTHING I’ve promised you, at an introductory price..

If you act now, you cannot lose..

With my 60 day guarantee, you risk NOTHING..

You have the power to get results right now and experience the incredible results you want & DESERVE…whether you are turning 30, 40 or 50! 

You can fundamentally change your life & relationships at ANY age. 

But like always, the choice is up to you…

I think you’ve spent enough time struggling…

I think you want and deserve to enjoy what you do…

I think you deserve to know exactly what it feels like to be in a loving and secure relationship.

To live your life on YOUR terms and do something that makes you truly happy & accomplished…

I mean… isn’t that something you want?

Don’t you at least want to find out?

Simply click the big button below, enter your payment details and you’ll receive full access to Frog Formula!

PLUS the complete free bonus series!  

WARNING: Implementing Frog Formula may result in the following side-effects:

The Frog Formula program contains adult language and content and is intended for an adult audience.  By purchasing the program you are consenting that you are at least age 18 or older.  Product images are for visualization purposes only.  The actual product is digital. 

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Q: I want my ex back.  Can Frog Formula do this for me?  

A: While Frog Formula will certainly provide you with tools that will help with getting an ex back, you may not want him back by the time you are finished.  

Q: I’m in a relationship with an avoidant guy. I tick the box for anxious..  I don’t want to leave him because I really love him.  Will he change? I think I just need to learn to give him more space. 

A: People’s relationship attachment styles have changed over time in a number of cases so never say never.   

HOWEVER, If you are anxious and he is avoidant, you will find yourself giving up on your needs because if he doesn’t get it his way, then he begins distancing himself. 

You can still work on becoming secure yourself which will help any relationship. 

Q: Sometimes I’m as you describe “anxious” and sometimes I’m “avoidant”.  Isn’t everyone avoidant with people they don’t like?  

A: When we say someone has an “avoidant” attachment style, it is because they begin distancing themselves in a relationship.  They did enter into the relationship willingly and there were attracted to the person at some point.   We all avoid things and people we don’t like in the first place – but this has nothing to do with a relationship attachment style.  i.e. I don’t care for men who are rude to service staff, so I avoid them – it has nothing to do with my attachment style or theirs.  

Q: I’m married.  Can this book help me?  My husband may be of the avoidant variety, but I don’t plan on leaving him. 

A:  Absolutely, anyone in any kind of a relationship can benefit from Frog Formula.  It is all about getting to know yourself and your partner in a new way, through a new lense.  It will also help explain his seemingly inexplicable behaviors and help you speak to him in his language. 

Q: I’m a man.. I keep attracting women who run away.. I think your book is written for women only.

A: While the book is written primarily for a female audience dating or in relationships with men, men as well as same-sex couples can absolutely benefit from it as well.  

The Frog Formula program contains adult language and content and is intended for an adult audience.  By purchasing the program you are consenting that you are at least age 18 or older.  Product images are for visualization purposes only.  The actual product is digital. 

I look forward to getting a message from you, telling me about all the amazing success you’ve experienced using the techniques in Frog Formula.  

Each email I receive from my amazing clients gives me an enormous sense of pride, so please write and tell me your story.

Begin your journey and join Toby the Toad’s Frog Following today! 

Sincerely,Kat Stevenson & Toby, the Toad

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I never want to kiss a frog ever again! 

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