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Focus T25 Workout – Shaun T's And Beachbody's Revolutionary Fitness Program


At this point you may be wondering exactly what is Focus T25?

Focus T25 is the latest program from Beachbody created by Shaun T. What makes it so spectacular is that with this workout it only takes twenty-five minutes a day for ten weeks to get a ripped body.

This really fast and very effective workout is all about not wasting time, no-nonsense, and getting absolutely incredible results. It's designed to be short in length however it's very intensive and it includes eleven workouts on 9 DVDs that will push your body to a brand-new limit. The workouts are packed with resistance movements and cardio however, you require minimal equipment to do the strength training movements. No weights, dumbbells or resistance bands are need. This workout will get you 100% ripped fast.

The program was designed for those people with busy schedules or, for men and women who are short on time but want to have the best possible workout in the shortest period of time.

Focus T25 is a concentrated fitness training program however, this program is different than Shaun T's other programs in that it includes modifiers for every move. Focus T25 is designed for individuals of any fitness level and is for anyone that was intimidated by Shaun T's Insanity. You will get spectacular results without spending a lot of time exercising.

What Comes with a Focus T25 Program?

The base kit comes with ten workouts. Here's how it's broken down:

  • ALPHA: Cardio is a calorie burning, sweat drenching, cardio based workout.
  • ALPHA: Ab Intervals is where you will be spending a lot of your time on the floor doing ab workouts with quick cardio recovery workouts in between. This routine will have you shredding the fat from your midsection and getting you the abs of your dreams.
  • ALPHA: Speed ​​1.0 gets you fast results with this fast paced workout that will ignite your quickness while burning the fat from your body.
  • ALPHA: Lower Focus is the key to burning fat and kicking up your metabolism as you focus on working your lower-body muscles.
  • ALPHA: Total Body Circuit focuses on strength and resistance without having to lift a single weight.
  • BETA: Core Cardio is where you'll get your sweat on, with this progressive cardio-core workout designed to get you shredded fast.
  • BETA: Dynamic Core will take you from vertical to horizontal and back again in this dynamic, crazy core routine.
  • BETA: Speed ​​2.0 has you rev ​​it all the way up with Shaun's calorie-scorching, core-focused speed drills.
  • BETA: Upper Focus will help you develop the upper body you've dreamed of; all you have to do is focus.
  • BETA: Rip't Circuit is a workout comprried of cardio, upper body, legs and abs that you do on repeat, taking your body to the next level to get you even more shredded.

The program also includes some bonus tools. Here's a list of what else you get:

  • Alpha-Beta Workout Calendars tells you which workouts to do on which days, taking out the guess-work so all you have to do is nail it.
  • Get It Done Nutrition Guide makes eating simple with just 5 meals a day, using 5 ingredients that take only 5 minutes to prepare. It does not get any simpler.
  • Quick Start Guide helps you to hit the ground running with this step-by-step guide for how to achieve your best results.
  • Free Online Support tools keep the motivation strong with 'round-the-clock access to fitness experts and peer support.

In Conclusion:

The results from the test group have been nothing short of spectacular. Because of the fact that this workout only requires twenty-five minutes a day – five days per week – and comes with a complete nutrition program, I expect this to be one of the biggest sellers in the Beachbody lineup.

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Source by Robert Deangelo

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