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Flax Seed Oil Benefits – The Secret Health Source


Nowadays flax seed oil is gaining a lot of popularity, because it is rich in (ALA) alpha linolenic acid, this helps your prevent the formation of major diseases. Other important component of lax see oil are lignans, protein and fiber. Flax seed oil contains all those important components including omega 3 fatty acids, which are very important for the proper function of our immune system.

Its origins are from India, is a slender plant with blue flowers. The fruit is very small and contains small yellow seeds. Flax seeds contain oil which is known as flax seed oil. However due to the proteins and substances that it contains, it should not be consumed in large quantities, but a good alternative is to eat fish.

Its known that flax seeds are good for people with sensitive stomach, that have problems with ulcers, indigestion and many other health conditions related to the digestive system. By taking flax seed oil or omega 3 fatty acids you will not have any more digestive problems. It helps to clean your stomach walls and absorbs toxic substances caused by tea, drugs, tobacco and others drinks.

ALA included in flax seeds is converted to EPA and DHA by the body. These important fatty acids prevent many illness and are important for the growth of body and brain cells. Flax seed omega 3 supplements can improve your immune system and help you resist diseases like Alzheimer, arthritis, cancer and mental disorders.

Fish oil is one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids because it contains DHA and EPA that our body needs. Is important to buy only supplements that are made with fish that comes from clean waters and it must undergo a purification process called molecular distillation.

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Source by Lauren J. Ronie

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