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Five Steps to an Unforgettable Business Slogan


An unforgettable business slogan is extremely important for any company. It should be such that it answers the needs of the customers as well as remains catchy to attract their attention. Also known as tagline, these are excellent branding tools and determine the long-term success of any company.

Your business or brand can get worldwide recognition if you have a creative logo and unique slogan / tagline. Remember, it is worth the effort to create the best slogan as you can use it across a variety of marketing materials.

Here are the five steps to an unforgettable business slogan:

1. Identify yourself

The first thing that any person will want to know about your company is: Who are you? and What do you offer? Take a look at these business logos:

I think, therefore IBM – IBM

The Citi Never Sleeps – Citi Bank

Connecting People – Nokia

What did you notice in these business taglines? All these famous businesses were able to differentiate themselves from their competition and explained their offering to the customers in less than five words.

Therefore the first step is to identify your business and answer your customers' needs to attract their attention.

2. Target your niche

Once you have identified what you are offering to your customers, you need to target your niche and offer your solutions. Take a look at these business logos:

Sheer driving pleasure – BMW

The Safer, Easier Way to Pay – PayPal

These taglines provide a clear solution to their relevant target niches in a simple way thereby forcing customers to take appropriate action.

3. Connect with your customers

If you want to create a magical charm with your slogan, then connect with your customers. Your slogan should be able to appeal to customer's emotions and make them believe in your company. A good example that connects with its customers and establishes trust can be:

We Try Harder – Avis

4. Keep it simple

You want each and every person to understand your area of ​​work when he reads your slogan. So keep your slogan simple. Avoid using jargons, drivel and overly verbose business taglines. Here are a few inspiring logos that are simple but extremely effective and popular.

Just Do It – Nike

Capitalist Tool – Forbes

5. Brainstorm and Analyze

By the time you arrive at this step, you'll be having a collection of business logos that qualify on the above 4 steps. Now your job is to pick the best one and the best way to do this is to brainstorm.

Tell your friends, colleges and everyone around you about your logos and get their opinion. This should be an excellent way to gather feedback on your collection of taglines. Eliminate the ones that got bad reviews and arrive at a clear and catchy tagline for your business.

You can also analyze your logos using this helpful tool –


Remember, business logos are extremely critical to the image of your company, regardless of its size. So make sure all the effort you put in transforms into a meaningful and effective business slogan.

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