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Fitness Rowing Machines – A Complete Workout From Only One Equipment


A wonderful exercising machine is steadily making waves in the fitness scene. You guessed it – it's the fitness rowing machine, sometimes also called an indoor rower. It is convenient, efficient, effective and has multiple benefits for the price of only one. It has all the benefits of many different equipment that you would normally have trouble trying to assemble and use separately, all rolled into a single easy-to-use exercising apparatus. And not only that, it's also easy to move and store so it will not take up too much space inside your home or chosen exercise area.

The beneficial effects of the rowing machines target not only a few specific areas of the body but it tones all the parts of the body resulting in an efficient complete workout. You can get that toned shape without heading to the gym to use all sorts of equipment; it can be done by just using the indoor rower inside the comfort of your own home – all for the price of one.

Now if you were to get your first rowing machine, it would be very beneficial to you to learn everything you need to know about your chosen equipment.

So what exactly is a rowing machine, you might ask?

Well it is an indoor exercising machine that is built to simulate the motors of rowing a boat which helps develop endurance, strength, and cardiovascular health – all while you're inside your home, safely and comfortably sorted, rowing away without all the added hassle and bustle of the outside world.

The effectiveness of the rowing machine is based on the resistance that it gives you, which is much like the resistance given by water in real watercraft-rowing situations. The levels of resistance vary for every type of user and purpose. The resistance level for the rower can be adjusted based on the user's preference. You can adjust the resistance level to whiche suits you best and works perfectly for you with just a button on your very own workout equipment.

Resistance Types

Aside from the levels, there are also different types of resistance, namely: Piston, Magnetic, Air, and Water resistance.

The Piston type of resistance is easily the most popular type since most rowing machines equipped with this type of resistance are smaller and easier to manage and store than the other four. However, machines equipped with this type of counter-force do not give the most effective benefits that an indoor rower can give.

More popular used in gyms, however, are the machines equipped with the magnetic and air types of resistance. They offer better and smoother controls for more flexibility and better operation of the rowing motion – therefore giving more efficient results.

However, it is the water resistance type-equipped machine that can give the most realistic effect of boat rowing. Instead of using the technology of the other types of resistance-equipped machine, the water resistance type-equipped rowing machine uses real water against a spinning flywheel to successfully give the realistic effect of rowing against real bodies of water.

Other Features

Indoor rowers are also equipped with monitors that will keep track of and display your workout progress like the time, the speed and distance of the rowing you've made, the resistance level you are utilizing, as well as your heart rate and the count of calories you've burned during the course of your workout.

It is easy to use and with the proper regimen, you can achieve the toned body and posture you have always dreamed of.

There are many types of fitness rowing machines out there, once you're sure which features you want, and now that you know what you need, you can just make your decision on which one suits you the best.

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