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Fitness For Soccer – How to Do Agility Drills


If you're interested in the demanding game of soccer, you must prepare your body through exercises that can increase your fitness for soccer. This will take much time and effort to get your body in the optimum shape to allow you active participation in this sport.

Are you aware that, as well as soccer, football training is one of the most demanding sports on the body? So, you really need to be excellent shape to be good at either of these sports. There are many football drills that are very similar in nature to soccer drills, and you can expect them to be just as excruciating.

Football coaching, just like soccer coaching, demands a tough skin in order to effectively lead and guide your team to victory time again and again. It's not always an easy task to force your team to do as you say, so be prepared.

Due to the intense nature of fitness for soccer, it's imperative that you do all you can to ensure your team follows through with some effective agility drills. This can really be beneficial in whipping them into soccer shape.

Listed below are some great agility drills to use on your team:

1. Ground marker drill – In this drill, you should place four ground marks in a straight line, approximately three feet apart. Next, in between these place another marker three yards to the left. Players should bend down to touch each marker with their hand. Then, make certain the players take quick steps, rather than facing the marks. This helps build quickness.

2. Teammate chase drill – Make out an area of ​​20 x 20, pair up camps and have them run randomly in the area. Make certain they keep two yards distance between them, with the team changing direction constantly.

3. Shuttle take-off drill – Place two marks 20 feet apart, place marker in the middle only three yards to the side. Next, start from the middle marker and sprint 10 yards, then turn and sprint 20 more yard, the other end, and then back t to the start. Lastly, turn on a different foot at each marker and try to touch the ground with your hand.

These are some fantastic agility drills that can dramatically improve the overall performance of your team. In fitness for soccer, the abilities to start, stop, cut and sprint are essential to the game. The better you are at doing these quickly, obviously the better player you will become after practicing these on a daily basis. Another important element as well as using the above drills is to be certain that you practice them often to increase your agility.

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