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Fitness Facts for Training – Train Right, Gain Right


People are not getting results when they train. And actually it’s really sad because they do invest the time, and the effort. But what we fail to realize that working hard is not always the solution to getting results. We must start to also workout smarter. Because of the lack of knowledge when it comes to getting into shape we waste countless hours of our lives and at the end still back to where we started. Fitness is not rocket science, you lose weight when you take in fewer calories than you put out, and you gain weight when your body takes in more calories than you put out.

The reason why you do not have a six pack, the reason why you do not have lean arms, the reason for not having a tush that has jaws dropping is not because you do not want them. I know if I had all three of those things with the exception of a big butt I would ecstatic, wouldn’t you? The reason you don’t is because you lack information.

If you knew exactly how to get into shape, with the knowledge you then would have the power to change your body.

The reason for this article is to open up your eyes and to have you finally realize that it’s not your fault you are not in the shape you want to be.

Knowledge equals power. This has been a phrase we have all come across. Whether it was from television or from the mouth of a professor in philosophy class (chances are you were sleeping), it’s a common phrase. Many may ask why is this related to fitness.

Ask people what they do in a workout and then ask them where they got it from and chances are they got it from a magazine or from a friend. We need to learn what the principles are behind the magazine routines to see how we can apply them in our workouts to our benefit.

Now let’s address some specific issues pertaining fitness truth. Many people will tell you if you want to lose weight, hop on the treadmill and run your butt off. That’s a great plan when the person is not active at all and really needs to lose a lot of weight. But what about the girl in our school gym who is probably only five pounds off, is she, too, going to do cardio until she cannot push herself any longer? Chances are she will lose weight, but unfortunately it will be muscle because she did not focus on strength training at all to maintain her muscle.

Fitness is all a game, and if you plug the right pieces together, boom, you’ll have a wonderful body. So whether you are 18 years old or 50 years old, it’s time to gather up these top of the line tips to a leaner you.


Drink close to one gallon of water. Water has been shown to slightly increase your metabolism, not to mention it also helps transport the nutrients we need to function properly daily.

Eating with Balance

Always balance carbs with a lean protein. For example, salad or brown rice with chicken or turkey breast. Do this because carbs tends to make blood sugar go up; by balancing it with a protein we keep our blood sugar stabilized. Stabilized blood sugar puts our bodies is the best possible position to burn stored fat, kiss that flab goodbye baby.

Do not just perform cardio, combine cardio and strength training to get an overall lean look. Strength training will add or maintain the muscle you already have while cardio should be used to just get more calories burned during the day. Adding muscle is the key to creating the 24/7 fat burning machine you hear about in all the infomercials when you’re eating that last bowl of ice cream.

When performing cardio have a mixture of interval training as well as what we call slow paced cardiovascular exercise. Interval training is simply alternating the intensities of your cardio workout. For example if your normal running speed was 4.5 on a treadmill we would increase the speed up to 8 or 9 and maintain this for only 30 seconds. Afterwards we would go back to 4.5 for an active rest at 60 seconds. You would repeat this 4 times for beginners and those who are more advanced can do it for a certain time period. Slow paced cardio would be your normal 30-60 minute aerobic exercise routine.

Eat More, Lose More. Eating more often can actually help you lose weight. I too didn’t quite get this when I first got into fitness but it’s true. Eating SMALL frequent meals spaced out every 2.5-3 hours is a great way of increasing your metabolism. Remember a high metabolism equals more calories burned throughout the day, which is what we want if weight loss or getting lean is the goal.

You now have some of the best tips known to mankind to get yourself into shape. Are these things you never heard of? Probably they are not, but it was critical to remind you of them because there’s no reason for people to not see results with their workout programs. So begin to use they easy to implement tips and get ready to see some changes in your body.

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Source by Geovanni Derice

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