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Fifteen Kinds of the Healthiest Food in the World


The British nutrition experts have found 15 kinds of the healthiest food in different countries around the world. Most of these foods are the main food of the local people. You do not have to travel around the world so as to eat those foods, because most of them are very common in our daily life, such as garlic, tomato, soybean, rice and so on, which are all very healthy to the human body. Now let us look at these 15 kinds of healthy food, and learn the effects of them.

Blueberry (Canada): Blueberry contains a large amount of antioxidants polyphenols, which can fight against the molecule that causes the formation of the wrinkles.

Red wine and garlic (France): It has been proved that garlic has the function of lowering cholesterol; and red wine contains flavonoids, which has an antioxidant effect.

Avocado and red pepper (Mexico): Avocado is rich in magnesium and vitamin E; while red pepper can enhance the metabolism of the body.

Oats (Britain): Research shows that oats can increase the content of serotonin in the brain, which will make people feel carefree and release from depression.

Salmon, mackerel and sardines (Norway): These foods contain a large number of protein, which can help increase the collagen in the body, so as to make the skin smooth and flexible.

Pasta (Italy): In fact, pasta is a good food for weight loss, because its glycemic index is very low, so it can stabilize the level of the blood sugar.

Olive oil (Greece): Olive oil contains a large amount of monounsaturated fat, so it can reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease.

Rice (China): Rice contains plenty of vitamin B, which plays a significant role in promoting the function of the brain.

Kiwi (New Zealand): Kiwi is rich in vitamin C. Eating one kiwi every day can supply adequate vitamin A to the body.

Spices (India): The turmeric in curry contains some antioxidants. Studies have shown that it can fight against leukemia and other cancers.

Tomato (Spain): Tomato contains a lot of carotene, which is the raw material to produce vitamin A. What’s more, there is also a large content of lycopene in tomato, which can help fight against cancer.

Chickpea (Egypt): It contains soluble fiber, calcium, iron and magnesium, which can ease the discomfort before the menstrual period.

Soybean (Japan): Soybean has various benefits to human health, such as to reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease, lower the cholesterol level, as well as to help resist cancer.

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