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Features of a Good Central Reservation System


If you want to be able to hold your own in the aggressive competition within the hospitality industry, you will definitely need an efficient and revised reservation software. However, investing in a central reservation system is a huge responsibility. Making the wrong choice could mean the end of your business. Therefore, it is imperative for you to spend your resources carefully.

First, you should know what type of reservation software you actually need. If you own a hotel or a resort, reservations should be made based on a scheduling grid. An accessible one would be advised as your new staff will be able to learn how to use it much faster. A drag and drop property would also be a nice addition.

Since your staff will most likely be working with various reservations categories, it would be great if the grid has booking type color codes for a facile differentiation. Another significant aspect of any central reservation system would be the security features. An cutting-edge level of security is needed, as well as certain features relating to employee setup. Based on the distinct administration levels there should be several levels of security.

Guest security is also very important. As a hotel, you will manipulate regularly lots of personal information. Credit card details should only be maneuvered with the help of safe methods. You will need easy access to data encryption, as well as information storage and retrieval. A suitable central reservation system should offer advanced booking facilities and a comprehensive Search tool. Do not forget about the tool that handles both check-in and check-out functions. Customization and setup are also fundamental as hotels usually have different necessities and expectations.

Every reservation system should be backed up by a thorough help guide, either online or offline. Beside this, there should always be a technical support team ready to offer you a helping hand. For storage, you will need a database with characteristics for backup and restoring in case of any problems or failures. Do not forget about the taxes and discounts as they are a "must have" feature.

Of course, since it's your hotel, the central reservation system that you are looking for may be even further custom-made in order to be 100% useful for your business. Always keep in mind that your customers are the most important part of your business. Every expenditure that you make in order to enhance relationships with your existing clients or to win new ones it's a step further to success.

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