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Ezine Advertising For Your Online Marketing Business


Many online marketing business people frequently place a paid ad in an ezine as one of there first forms of advertising. This is a solid method to get targeted traffic to your website.

Primarily, you must come up with a great headline that will allow you to attract readers or they will just skim over your page and miss your ad entirely. Crafting a headline takes time. Write at least ten of them and pick the ones that stands out to you the most. Now it's time to polish and tweak them. Change a word here and there and test them until you're ready to spend some money on an ad. If you do not do this you will be throwing away good money. As with any kind of written advertising in Online marketing, it has to be able to at pull people into your ad.

Then comes writing the body. You must follow the ezine's editorial guidelines for format and word count, but typically, the reminder of the advertising will only be two or three short sentences. Get the body to pique people's interest even more by giving them intriguing information about your website. Give them incomplete information, create a mystery that makes them wonder about the rest so that they have a desire to visit your website.

When looking for an ezine to buy advertising in you must do a few things Read or skim the page and see where the ads are placed. If they are placed on the bottom, leave now. People will not generally see ads placed at the bottom. The best position is to be on the top left-hand corner. Studies have shown that eyes go there first. The closer to the top the better. The absolute worst spot possible is being the bottom right-hand corner.

Also you may want to get an idea of ​​the audience of the ezine. How many people are on the list to receive it. You also want to make sure it is the right target market for your online marketing business as well as the demographics are where you can do business.

You should read testimonials to learn more about their service and their costumer relationships. You want to be sure before investing any hard earned money in advertising that they fit the business you are advertising for. Take your time, it's a process and with the right choice you can make some good money.

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Source by Faye B. Roberts

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