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Dr Joel Block – Men: Last Longer, Extend the Pleasure E-Book

Product Name: Dr Joel Block – Men: Last Longer, Extend the Pleasure E-Book


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Frustrated and embarrassed by premature ejaculation?

I know how you feel and I have a guaranteed solution…

Introducing Men: Last Longer, Extend the Pleasure!


What I’m About To Offer You Is 100% Guaranteed To Permanently Clear Up Your Premature Ejaculation & Have You Lasting Longer Forever!

No sprays, no creams, no gimmicks, just a clinically proven method that works.

My name is Dr. Joel Block. My strategy is based on my life’s work as a psychologist specializing in love and sex.

I have 30 years experience treating sexual issues. I will provide a credible solution to your premature ejaculation that is based on actual results achieved with men just like you…

“I was able to go from less than 2 minutes to 20 minutes immediately!”-Kenny, Chicago, IL

“I generally come simultaneous with penetration, which infuriated my wife. Now I am able to last as long as I want to!”-Jim, NY, NY

“Your book gave me clear, easy to apply steps. Now I am lasting longer than my girlfriend!”-Dave, Huntington, NY

“… the book was an easy read and effective. I tripled my lasting power in just the first week!”-Howie, Denver, CO

“Finally, after getting ripped off too many times, I’ve found the real thing and I am in control!”-Billy, Sacramento, CA

Those are a mere sampling of grateful comments I get…

For good reason—my approach works and works fast…if success in bed interests you, prepare to have your eyes opened…

I am on the faculty of Einstein College of Medicine and I am a senior psychologist at the North Shore-LIJ Health System in NY.



I know what you are experiencing because I’ve treated your issue hundreds of times…there’s the embarrassment…

You’ve got your girl in bed and you’re thinking, “hope I don’t come too fast… Hope I don’t embarrass myself…Hope I don’t look like a loser…”

You are practically praying that you’ll be able to hold on and suddenly you’re ready to finish… your body tenses, your breathing speeds up… and then it’s over.

Your girl may try to cover up her disappointment, “Don’t worry,” she says, “it’s okay, but deep down, you feel even worse because you know she wishes you were hammering her! You know it, she knows it, and you can see it in her eyes.

Worse, even if the woman is your wife, she may confide in her girlfriend, who will talk to her girlfriends. Before long your reputation as Mr. Quickie is viral. 
So yeah, it is embarrassing… but really, it’s worse.
It’s humiliating. It makes you feel like AVOIDING SEX. It’s not really the sex you won’t to avoid, it’s failing and letting your partner down that you want to avoid.

In a way, it’s even more of a bummer if you’re in a long term relationship. The disappointment in the bedroom is sure to spill into the relationship. After all, your partner is likely to think you’re being selfish.

What’s more, your partner is not exactly going to be eager to get together sexually again. Why should she, there’s nothing in it for her!You wait for her to mention the problem… and dread her mentioning it. She waits for you…and she is probably angry that you avoid it. But you avoid it because it is embarrassing and you have no solution!

I don’t know about you, but the hundreds of men I have treated with my sure-fire strategy started out insecure.
They’d worry all the time that their lover–whether a girlfriend or a long-term partner—was cheating on them. After all, if they couldn’t satisfy them, wouldn’t they be tempted to find someone who could?
Those are tough times, a problem with a simple solution that can make you miserable. It’s a damn shame!

You’re probably going through similar stuff right now…

If You Are, Get This…

You’ve got lots and lots of company…

Research indicates that premature ejaculation is a regular problem for as many as 4 out of 10 men. 

That means that millions of men are struggling with what you are struggling with.

Even though it feels like it’s your fault, it’s really not.

It’s not likely to be a medical issue. In all my years of practice I have never seen an instance of premature ejaculation that was the result of a medical problem.

That’s what makes premature ejaculation so easy to fix – in most cases, the treatment approach is straightforward and lends itself to self-help!

It really is simple – and following my strategy, you’ll get results that will end your embarrassment and get you back to being sexually confident – but more on that later…

Premature Ejaculation may not be medical problem but it can certainly take the joy out of your life. Fact is, not only does it cripple your sex life and dampen your relationship, but it generalizes to your feeling about yourself and can even send your career confidence south.

I’ve seen the ejaculation problem undermine lots of ambitious men and then, after applying my strategy, I’ve seen their work life take off!

It must be obvious to you at this point: Premature Ejaculation is more than a bedroom problem… it gets into every situation, it’s hiding behind every bicker you have with your partner…and it makes you feel like less of a man. 
And whatever problems you are having in life, whether it is with your relationship or even at work, it doesn’t even matter if the ejaculation problems are really making them worse – because after a while, it will certainly feel like they are…

There is a reason that explains why I know what you’re going through…

You See, I Have A Big Advantage…

As the supervisor of a hospital-based Sexuality Center I’ve probably treated more sex issues in a year than most therapists see in a lifetime! I’ve helped hundreds of men with premature ejaculation…

I have the kind of conversations with men that you do not—they bare all in an effort to be helped. They are desperate and they talk VERY candidly. This has allowed me to learn from them—to put together a clinically proven approach and see it be successful time and time again.

And when I say my approach has been successful, I mean it. I follow up and make sure that my strategy worked.The men I have seen tried everything and nothing worked. The pills, the creams, the extra thick condoms… all kinds of stuff, even professional help. Heck, most professionals don’t have the kind of expertise I have developed after so many years of specialization. I get calls from colleagues regularly asking me to help them resolve this issue with their patients.

I was the last hope for the men that I have treated. None of their prior efforts worked. They may as well have burned their money.

But do you know the funny thing?

Most of the men came in discouraged and skeptical. I couldn’t blame them—none of their prior efforts were successful. In fact, many of my colleagues were also discouraged; nothing they provided was working either. 
It was about then that I decided I had to put a stop to this. I had to put my strategies in an easy to apply form… That’s why I wrote my book—and included the strategy that worked for all those men I treated successfully!

And I’ll tell you, my approach is so powerful that I can guarantee it’s going to be the most effective solution you’ve ever seen…

It really can fix your PE, permanently, and you’ll see results that will last…

What’s more, I’m one of a small group of therapists who has the expertise you need…

More on the actual cure later… for now, I have to share some earth shattering discoveries I made during my research… I’m serious, this stuff will blow you away…

There Are Only a Few Common Reasons Why You Get Premature Ejaculation… 

That’s true, it’s really not that complicated…

The truth is, the inability to control your ejaculation affects over 30 million men in America alone; they and their partners are FRUSTRATED!

* Recent research has confirmed what I’ve suspected for years. For many men there is a genetic factor—they’re wired to be quick!

* Some men have inadvertently trained themselves to come fast through masturbation. Not that masturbation is bad thing—but habitually rushing through masturbation teaches you to come fast.

* Anxiety makes everything (all your body mechanisms) go faster. Oh, you don’t think you are anxious? That’s because the excitement of sex masks the anxiety.

* Some men are very sensitive to body sensations, but there is one CRITICAL cue they are not picking up.

Worried? Don’t be, you’ll see how to beat these factors in 3 steps…

Step 1 – I’m going to give you a way to view things—what you should be focusing on during sex—that will help you last way longer than you can now and it will work quickly. 

Step 2 – I’m going to teach you a secret that the sex gurus used a few thousand years ago to hold off their ejaculation for as long as they wanted. Their ability to last, practically forever, is documented in the Kama Sutra…

Step 3 – You’re going to learn a form of push up—don’t laugh, it is very easy to do—and it is one of the most powerful tools you’ve ever heard of. It works so well it will bring a big smile to your face, the smile of confidence.

Each of these steps is powerful in itself, but combining them—all of this is laid out simply in the book—is going to make a HUGE difference in your lovemaking!

What 99% of Premature Ejaculation programs fail to address is to include ALL the factors I include and COMBINING THEM in a manner that increases the holding power of each of them.

And That’s Why Most Premature Ejaculation Cures Don’t Work…

Forget the numbing creams, special condoms, sprays and pills. Those ridiculous solutions not only fail, they make things worse. It’s the more legitimate attempts that I am talking about—the well-intentioned approaches that don’t work either.

Recall, I have had the advantage of speaking to hundreds of men in depth. I am not some academic spending time in the library; I am on the front lines treating sexual issues during a three decade career. I get to follow up and have the privilege of refining my approach based on actual results!

First, the other approaches don’t include the proper steps. Secondly, even those few that do are not combining them properly. It’s like a food recipe, you can have the best ingredients but if you do not prepare them correctly you will not get the best result. I have labored for years to put my ingredients together for the best outcome possible!
Does it work? I have maintained a practice that is based exclusively on word-of-mouth, my reputation. And I am always busy. Too busy! That’s why I now recommend my book instead of scheduling appointments for the treatment of premature ejaculation.

I mainly see those men who have waited so long to get the proper treatment that they have alienated their partners! The treatment is not only for their PE, but is focused on repairing their damaged relationship.

Moral of that story? Don’t wait, get help now!

Here’s a perfect example:

How Tim Went From One minute (or less)
To Ten Minutes, or more…

Tim was referred to me by his urologist. As many men do, he tried Zoloft, the antidepressant. He did that hoping to experience the side effect—making it harder to orgasm. It worked somewhat, but also lowered his libido. So now he was taking psychiatric medication that was expensive. It gave him a bit more staying power, but he didn’t feel like sex!

Tim was not only very frustrated; his wife was angry and backing away from him sexually. What’s more, his last relationship ended because his girlfriend was convinced he was the most selfish lover she ever had. “You get some and now you’re done!” she screamed more than once.

Here’s what I did:

First, I informed him that his PE was not his fault. He was born to be quick. In fact, I gave him the research (it’s in the book!) to show his wife. I also explained the other causes and Tim easily identified with these as well.

He explained about the meds he had tried taking and went through the usual remedies that don’t work: he tried masturbating before sex, tried using two condoms, tried thinking non-sexually during sex (and lost his erection!) and of course, the bogus sprays and potions as well as a couple of other so-called experts who didn’t have a clue.

In one visit I went through my strategy step-by-step. I reviewed the sequence with Tim and he agreed to apply my techniques and report back in 3 weeks.

Tim didn’t show up for the three week follow up. He called me one week later and told me that things were going so well that he didn’t need a follow up!

Tim was one of many who told me this or a sentiment along these lines:

“You should put this stuff in a book so that you can help more men!”

I was ahead of Tim. I heard this so many times before I had already started putting every technique, every secret, every single thing I know about curing Premature Ejaculation…
And then I sent it to a few dozen men that I had helped for feedback. I asked them to answer one key question: You’ve been through this, did I make my approach clear?

Every single one answered my question with a resounding Yes!

That’s all I needed, so introducing your best hope for ending your PE permanently and easily:

Men: Last Longer, Extend the Pleasure

* Skip the phony cures and last longer in bed quickly with a credible approach!

* Experience improvement in your sexual stamina, regardless of how quickly you finish now!

* Restore your sexual confidence practically overnight!

Whether Premature Ejaculation is new to you, or you’ve been suffering forever, Last Longer, Extend the Pleasure is going to speak to you.
And yes, you really can see an improvement quickly. My approach has stood the test of time and years of refinement as a result of direct feedback from men who have tried my techniques and reported back to me. Quite a number of men experience a boost in hope after just reading the manual…                    

But I don’t expect you to take my word for that…

Check out the feedback I’ve received just in the past few months…

“Have I been helped? Yes! I went from about 2 minutes to 20 minutes of active intercourse and I am still improving. I’m in control!”

-Craig, Little Rock, Arkansas

“I read your book immediately and then shared it with my wife. We both felt hopeful, finally! All the material made sense and was very clearly laid out. Best of all, it worked. I’m doing so much better!”

-Jimmy, Harford, Connecticut

“Your techniques have made my sex life more fulfilling, and much more relaxing. I’m lasting much longer and I’m no longer tense about losing control.”

-Geraldo, Springfield, Illinois

“It’s amazing! I went from practically coming when I was getting undressed to lasting for 10 minutes almost instantly. I am fully confident I can do even better. Thank you—and my girlfriend thanks you!”

-Joey, Los Angeles, California

“I improved my lasting ability really quickly, going from Oops! to having the control to wait until my partner finishes before I finish. It’s incredible. I would have never believed this could happen.”

-Jeff, Wilmington, Delaware

You may be wondering, why are busy guys taking their valuable time to respond to my request for feedback?The answer, I am proud to say, is because they are grateful!

Like you, they’ve been frustrated with methods that don’t work and like you their sexuality has been dampened by PE…

And most of all, because my e-book is a credible approach developed by an authentic sex therapist. It works, it’s simple, and yes, it can give your life back.

<- Click the book to see the first few pages

Here’s a sneak peak at some of what is inside…

-A 3-step plan for conquering your Premature Ejaculation forever… there is no way premature ejaculation is going to beat this plan.

-What I learned from the late 4 time Olympic gold medalist, Al Oerter, that will have a HUGE impact on your sexual performance.

-The hidden factor that is coming into bed with you right now that only makes it more likely you’ll ejaculate as soon as sex begins…

-A sexual technique that’ll drive her crazy with pleasure, but at the same time will increase your lasting ability and sexual satisfaction… she’s going to moan with pleasure when you do this…

-The breathing technique you can use immediately to delay your ejaculation – and that can be used in other areas of your life to control your emotions and physical response to pressure…

-How you can exercise the right muscles at the right time to give you powerful control over your ejaculation…

-How to practice your control without involving your partner so that when you have sex with her she’ll be amazed at your progress…

-How to orchestrate your foreplay to drive her crazy with pleasure while strengthening your sexual performance and building your ability for long term control…

-How to last instantly longer in bed… a secret trick that will get you lasting longer tonight… that’s no exaggeration, you can literally lengthen your lovemaking today, right now!

Plus Much, Much MORE!

My pledge to you: You will…

* Experience more control without distraction techniques

* Extend the length of your sexual encounters

* Heighten your feelings of pleasure

* Be fully in the moment

* Tolerate a full range of sexual sensations

* Please yourself AND your partner

* Reduce sexual performance anxiety

Think about this BONUS offer…

Whether you’re in an ongoing relationship or you’re into short term flings, being able to finish on demand is definitely going to win you some extra points with the ladies…and that is what I am offering!

Okay, I don’t want to take more of your time, so here’s an offer that you’d be wise to consider:

Your Most Intimate Sex Questions…Answered
by Nationally Recognized Sexpert, Joel Block, Ph.D.

A book that answers the real-life, private questions that men and women are asking about sex – even the questions you’ve been afraid to ask!

These are Real Questions and Real Answers about Sex posed by curious people like you. My Responses are frank, sensitive, clinically grounded and are designed for men and women who are looking for more than mere technical information.

My answers will give you the tools you’ve been looking for to be SUCCSEXFUL!

2) I will give you a code that will allow you to ask me a question about sexuality that

Yes, You Read That Right…

Go Back And Read It Again If You Don’t Believe Me…

I will give you an additional excellent book that has: 

* Enough advanced tips, tricks, and techniques to keep porn stars happy

* To be read cover-to-cover but is equally useful if you dip into it for inspiration when the mood strikes

* Strategies for ditching inhibitions, tactics for keeping sex passionate and loads of relationship advice, all designed to keep things HOT!

In addition, you are getting access to a legit sex therapist on the staff of a major hospital and on the faculty of a med school, a psychologist with over 20 books published on love and sex, FOR FREE!

I will personally answer an email query from you about a sexual issue!

If you’d like to experience:

* Deeply satisfying sex that lasts long enough to bring your partner to a passionate climax…

* A quick and solid improvement of your Premature Ejaculation, no matter how severe it may be…

* An end to the humiliation of “slipping” and having to apologize to a frustrated love…

… then Lasting Longer, Extend the Pleasureis what you’ve been looking for all along

 Dr. B, I’d Love to Have Your Book And A Free Bonus Book As Well As Access To You…But How Much Is It Going To Cost Me?

Cost? I’m not going to give you the pitch about how the price of my book is less than any of the solutions that don’t work. It’s not necessary because I am practically giving it away, and that is going to be obvious to you…

Immediate download after purchasing.


I mean, two books, access to a legit sex therapist, and the solution to an issue that has been bugging you big-time… It’s going to feel super-good to actually know you can please a woman… to know that whatever happens, you’re in control!

This is an unbeatable offer!

Let me tell you, you are getting the best approach to resolve your PE available anywhere!

I’ve heard from hundreds of men and it’s a great feeling. Once you master my simple techniques, you’ll be able to please just about any woman in the world.

That’s Right…


Unless you believe in magic you’ll continue to lack sexual confidence, struggle with embarrassment when your partner gives you that knowing look and chip away at your relationship stability.

You can decide in favor of yourself and your lover…
… and buy Last Longer, Extend the Pleasure right now, and start bringing your sex life to a new level right now.
You’ll not only satisfy your partner, you’ll have the confidence of being in control!
But you have to take charge NOW; I can’t do that for you…Click the order button below, and choose the life you always wanted…

Listen, this really could be the thing you’re looking for but…

What If You Skip My Offer?

You’re getting the solution to your PE and I am throwing in one of my favorite books, filled with answers to all kinds of sexual issues—and I mean all kinds. My answers (like the ones I will provide for you!) are direct and detailed!

If you really want to end your Premature Ejaculation and put an end to your frustration, my approach is clinically tested and proven to work! It is the approach I have used so successfully in my clinical practice.

Let’s review this offer:

Buy Last Longer, Extend the Pleasure and You Will Get:

* The most comprehensive and effective guide ever created to address you sexual issue.* A high success rate because my strategies have been proven super-effective in my clinical work for more than 30 years.* A step-by-step strategy from the moment you download the guide until you have learned the skills you need to be fully confident of sexual success.* Anonymity and benefit promptly because each guide is downloaded as soon as you decide that you want it.* An opportunity to email me. It will be like having your own personal sex therapist available online.* A complete understanding of your problem, which gives you a stronger reality-base for a lifetime fix.* A personal no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.* And one of my favorite books as a bonus—a book that will likely answer intriguing sexual questions that you have—and answers to questions that you haven’t even thought of asking!

In effect, adding it up, you are basically getting the solution to your premature ejaculation for FREE! Actually, you’re making money on this deal!

You have my best wishes for a life of love and great sex!

Questions? Contact me via email:

All emails with be responded to within 24 business hours!

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Click here to get Dr Joel Block – Men: Last Longer, Extend the Pleasure E-Book at discounted price while it’s still available…

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Dr Joel Block – Men: Last Longer, Extend the Pleasure E-Book is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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