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Do You Know the Health Benefits of Apples?


Learn all about the health benefits of apples! Apples are a rounded shaped fruit that grows on small deciduous trees. There are numerous varieties of apples: Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Fuji and many more. They come in different colors such as red, yellow and green varying in flavor and sweetness. They are all good for your health but the Red Delicious, especially, stand out to be healthier in comparison to other kinds.

Fiber, flavonoids and fructose are abundant in apples. Why is this important? Here are some ways apples can improve your overall health: lower LDL cholesterol, raise HDL cholesterol, prevent heart disease, boost memory, prevent menopausal bone loss, maintain blood sugar levels, reduce risk of stroke, reduce risk of cancer, prevent constipation and more !

Apples can improve the appearance of skin, especially the Granny Smith, Red Delicious and Fuji kinds. Granny Smith and Red Delicious strengthen collagen and elastin in skin. They can help maintain a youthful, glowing, appearance. The skin of Fuji and Red Delicious apples contain a high amount of antioxidant compounds called phenols. Phenols provide UV-B protection from the sun, strengthening the ability of skin to resist sun damage. So, for those of you that peel your apples before eating them, you may want to reconsider. The skin of apples provides healthy, nutritious and antioxidants benefits.

Try this homemade skin care tip, if you are suffering with blackheads. It just may work for you. Combine one tablespoon of cosmetic clay, with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or pure water. Stir this mixture until blended well, removing all lumps. Place mixture on affected areas or spread, lightly, over entire face. Allow drying time of fifteen to twenty minutes. Place a warm wet wash cloth, as a mask, over the face then gently wipe clean. Follow face care tips can help maintain healthy skin, just make sure you read all directions carefully.

CAUTION! Discontinue use, immediately, if skin becomes irritated at all. If you have sensitive skin, skin allergies or any doubts, always seek the advice of your professional, medical, health care provider.

Eat clean apples! Some apples are grown with the use of insecticides or protective waxes, containing unhealthy residues. Wash and rinse your apples with soap and water. There are fruit wash sprays, available for purchase, on the common market too. Consider using organic apples, instead. Apples can be eaten in so many ways! Slice them, dice them, chop them, bake them, use them in desserts or eat them whole! Add them in fruit salads, eat with cheese, or add a fun flavor on top or all over! It's fun decorating apples! Eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Eat them as a snack. Use them for fun party games, such as bobbing for apples and more!

Apple juice is an antioxidant drink. Just be careful and read the nutritional labels on the containers. Avoid drinks with a high sugar content. Instead, look for 100% natural fruit juices or make your own, freshly squeezed, homemade juices. Consider buying organic apple juice, too.

CAUTION! Apples can turn rotten. Watch for signs of brown spots or soft texture when squeezed. To avoid becoming sick, do not eat rotten apples. Store whole apples in the refrigerator for maximum and extended nutrient value.

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