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Do People Make a Living Off of Trading Binary Option Stocks?


What are Binary Options?

You might be wondering what are Binary Options all about? This is a new trading vehicle that gives ordinary investors access to profits of up to 95% in less than one hour. If you’re an investor you might have come across the terminology or even heard people around you talk about Binary options. They are becoming popular among investors and they are utilizing this financial instrument to gain profits that can range from 70% to as much as 95% in a very short period of time.

Many people are attracted to Binary Options because it is easy to manage and all the trader really has to do is make a good prediction regarding the direction of a particular asset in the stock market. The trader must predict if a price of a particular currency, stock, index, or commodity will either go up or down within an allotted time. If the trader’s predictions based on your analysis are correct, they will obtain a good return on investment in a very short period of time. Keep in mind that traders also have the option to choose from either 60 second, hourly expiration, daily, or weekly expiration time frames.

How to Trade Binary Options

You don’t have to be really good in math in able to invest in Binary Options since this type of investment only requires you to make few simple decisions. So you might be wondering how to trade Binary Options? You must first choose an underlying asset that you’re very familiar with. Such asset might include commodity, currency pair, stock, or even an entire index. Once you’ve chosen the asset you want to invest on, you must carefully predict the price movement of those particular assets and determine if they will either go up or down upon expiration. As it was mentioned before, the Binary Options time frame can be as short as one hour or it can be as long as one month.

And when both the assets and the time frame have been picked, you can invest as little as $30 or as much as $3000 on that particular asset. And if your predictions are mostly correct you will receive as much as 81 percent guaranteed profit, and thus increase your financial standing.

Binary Option Strategy

If you’ve just recently started using this trading vehicle as a financial tool hoping to increase your financial standing you might want to establish some good strategies before committing to it completely. A basic Binary Option Strategy to is required not only to correctly predict the movement of prices of a particular asset but also understanding money management. A trader must choose some assets that they are fairly familiar with and have a clear understanding of its behavior on the regular basis. A trader who knows the assets will most likely predict the direction of their price correctly. It is suggested to learn as much information about the asset of interest before investing on them so that they will be able to predict the price outcome during trading days.

Besides, having the knowledge about the history, background, and the different sectors of the company will only increase the trader’s chance of predicting the direction of the price on hourly, daily, and monthly trading. Another Binary Option Strategy that traders can rely on are charts and graphs in which they can use to study the behavior of the market and price changes from previous weeks, months and years.

Last but not least, to get a better understanding of the market’s behavior on the regular basis many traders and investors use multimedia outlets such as newspapers, radio, television and websites like Financial Times, CNN Money, Yahoo Finance. These financial news and various outlets broadcast information that are useful and enable traders to make good predictions on how the market will behave on any given day and use those current knowledge when investing on Binary Options.

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