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Developing a Small Business Strategy


Does your business strategy meet the needs of your business?

Large businesses invest huge amounts of time and effort into ensuring their policies and procedures meet the expectations of the stakeholders. A large number of small businesses that I deal with do not have a business strategy or a small business strategies that does not fit the model they operate under.

In terms of small businesses it is absolutely critical to have a strategy to ensure your success. Small businesses that do not have a strategy are running blind, have huge over expenditure on routine items and generally customer service is poor. So how do we move away from this operation model and implement a small business strategy that works.

The first thing I suggest is to review the things that annoy you most within your business. Find the one thing that is giving you the most grief and then put a procedure or policy around that process. It may be your returns policy or your recruitment process.

The next thing is simply to find the next thing that annoys you in your business and put the policy or procedure around that item to develop your small business strategy.

Once you have repeated this process you can then allow these procedures to feed into your business strategy and begin to develop a model that your small business can operate under.

I have used this simple process in multiple businesses around the country with great success and there is no reason why you can not implement this yourself to begin to develop a small business strategy that works for you.

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Source by Simon Maselli

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