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Attention Men: Could it really be possible to naturally…

 “Remain In Complete Control As You Give Her MULTIPLE Orgasms — Without Ever Going Down On Her
(In 3 Weeks Or Less)?”

NO, not just by making pointless, “new label old method” improvements.

NO, not by going down on your partner.

NO, not by using disgusting creams or sprays, expensive pills — how fatally flawed, spontaneity-killing, a “relationship in danger” — (that won’t work worth a damn anyway).

It will take a RADICALLY different approach…

Re: How To Last All Night Long, Drive Her Wild, And Have Her Asking YOU to come to bed (and she’ll think it’s her idea)…

Ross Aken
Las Vegas, NV
Monday 3:39 p.m.

What I’m about to say just might piss you off…

After living your entire life thinking you’re “trapped” to awful sex that doesn’t last….

If you now believe you’re capped at lasting 5 minutes with even the most unattractive girl you managed to bring home, you’ve been right all along…

That is, IF you leave this page.

The answer you need IS right here.

If you can follow my 3 simple steps which I reveal right in this letter, I guarantee you wilder, more scandalous, longer lasting sex and heavily passionate relationships.

In just a short while from now, you’ll discover how to have her dragging you into the bedroom by the belt, tearing off your clothes and jumping on top of you… again, and again night after night.

And it will be entirely her idea.

I’m not asking you to believe me just yet, because right now I’m telling you who this is not for.

This page is for MEN who know it’s their responsibility to satisfy the constant sexual demands of a woman — not just any woman, but the woman you’d do anything for.

Maybe even the one you already settled down and started a family with…

I understand, you have important things to be doing, right? Your Facebook feed must be on fire right now since you managed to look away.

That tab finally loaded “Redhead Meets German Friend” and is already starting to play…

…OR You must have girls pouring into your life waiting outside your door and you have no time for “reading”… especially information as powerful as this.

That’s why this page might come down at any second or we risk someone who will take and abuse the secrets of what I’m about to share with you.

So let’s get real specific for a moment.

Quickly, I’m going to do three amazing things as a personal favor to you,

I’ll show you how eating breakfast and watching news in the morning will transcend you into lasting entire playlists and stunning your woman in complete orgasmic satisfaction….

I’ll tell you how the world has lied to you every single waking day of your life and pushed you deeper and deeper into your “lacking or otherwise” sexual performance without even realizing it…

AND I’ll show you how to instantly sidestep your previous history completely.

And I’m going introduce you to a series of “Cheat Codes” and “Secret Walkthroughs” that will act as a carnal blueprint to the evolutionary mind to tap into the inner natural pornstar hidden within every man to begin the bedroom dynasty that is waiting impatiently to be unleashed.

I’ll tell you one thing that we can all agree right now. It’s 2017. If there’s one thing a women DOESN’T have time for — is wasting time.

You see, we live in a digital, social media driven world.

At any time, we can connect with literally anyone — no matter where we are or what we are doing — instantly.

I have to ask, have you ever seen a woman’s dating profile? The next time you’re with a female friend of yours… OR HELL, go and MAKE a fake profile on OkCupid.

It takes two minutes and will teach you a very important life lesson and reminder.

Put even a generous “7” as the profile picture above an uninteresting personality description. And just sit back and watch the messages FLOOD the inbox.

What I’m saying is, we live in a world that encourages a 24/7 singles bar.  Her next one night stand could be waiting behind that next message notification.

Neither of you even have to go to your nearest Whole Foods, wait by the bus stop, or hell, even go out at night anymore.

All you need to do is unlock that phone in your pocket and see who’s behind that new notification.

Women in this day have an absurd, near ridiculous amount of options, and they’ll need them. I’ll tell you why, it’s going to be a bit of a painful truth, but one you have to hear eventually.

I’d rather you hear it from me instead of finding this on your own inevitably somewhere down the line.

They don’t want sex, They NEED Sex — GOOD SEX……Pounding down the walls screaming your name, sex. And they’ll go to insane lengths to find it and won’t settle until she does.

This is something she secretly demands, but will never let you know.

She’ll have a conversation with her newly single friend that will awaken old desires.

She’ll see what she’s missing in a Cosmo article — she’ll simply realize she’s missed out so much on life.

Now that she’s getting older with a better financial position.

She’ll realize she doesn’t want to waste more time.

You’ll end up broke, miserable and alone. She’ll cheat on you and leave you cold.

You may find a woman you think you like, irregardless of where you met her, and you’ll find she’s been seeing somebody on the side.

Someone who can fulfill the one thing you can’t. This is why women in otherwise “perfect” relationships cheat.

This is why women who “have it all” will cheat and it doesn’t matter if you’re the richest, most interesting or attractive man.

And she’ll hate you for it.Because now she has to sit in a grimy, sweat soaked bar while douchebags pathetically hit on her long enough to sift through until she finds SOMEONE she both likes AND is good in bed.

 Most gorgeous and smart women, however, have a small pools of guys on the side. Trust me, when a woman finds a man who gives her good sex, she won’t let him go completely.

She’ll keep her reserves stoked, just in case she may happen to need to “dip into” her rainy day funds.

Of course, none of this “has” to happen, to you… Because the real truth is…

It’s reassuring to know that over 1/3 of all men — across the globe, struggle with being able to last in bed.

And when you get this area of your life handled and can be the only man she’ll meet who can give her the deep satisfaction she needs, she will never want to let you go.

Because I’ll tell you what…
The statistics are only in your favor.

You can completely melt the mind of any woman you meet when you two get into bed.

As a matter of fact, you’ll awaken to a life where your only problems are keeping stores of condoms stashed both in your car, kitchen and bedroom….

The biggest stress you’ll have about dating again and meeting gorgeous, talented and smart women is having your bar stocked with tequila, vodka and your favorite go-to mix drinks to celebrate the fact you two just met,

And you’ll be re-arranging your schedule to fit in little ‘sexcapades’ from the women demanding to see you again like the mid-work post lunch “Bagel and Sex Break“….

You’ll step right into a world the women you’re with won’t let you leave…. Cutting out all the bull shit, all the hype, all the pain and wasted time completely.

Your girlfriend will suddenly virtually never be “too tired” for sex ( maybe “too sore”). And You won’t be hearing “I’m not in the mood” much more…

I’ll show you how in just a second.

You’re about to hear how easy it should have been to keep women in your life and have women practically stripping off their clothes and throwing themselves at you.
Remember I was talking about “Cheat codes and Secret Walkthroughs” earlier…?
Like this is some kind of video game?

Well, this is real life, but the concept of cheat codes apply.

Instead of slaving through a video game and grinding endlessly to get what you want… you can mash buttons in a specific pattern and get what you want in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

You may never have been able to attain what you want without it.

What if I told you that you’re closer to acquiring unnatural stamina in bed right now than you’ve ever been…Would you believe me?

By close friends, medical professionals, the media and even yourself….

Because this is one of the most annoying, frustrating pieces of advice I’ve ever heard…

This advice does nothing but infuriate the women you’re with.
Worse, it leads men into believing there “Must be something wrong” with them. This forces them to feel they need to head over to the pharmacy and pick up some more numbing creams or thicker condoms.

What they fail to realize is there is a TRUE start and stop method that actually involves “resting” while NEVER ACTUALLY STOPPING. What they also forget to mention is that method is just one tiny, miniscule fraction of a much larger, much more in-depth system.

Worse, you can seek out “Professional” help. IF you do that, you’ll be prescribed to “Stress Therapy” with a receipt for numbing creams or sprays like the aforementioned Promescent.

Or hell you can just abuse the prescription depressants like “normal” people do.

Worse, you may have tried the natural exercises that your doc just doesn’t understand…

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Your doctor might truly want to be helping you out. The news anchor or “sex expert” might truly want you to last longer in bed.

So they do what they can do best…

There’s only one way to get this information and it’s NOT in just any book.

So much of the information available is outright dangerous, and will make your situation worse.

Kegels are just another piece of bad advice “casually” tossed around like it’s some sort of joke.

You need to understand how to do these right.

That’s why you need REAL advice from a REAL expert.

I’ll tell you a quick story. I was in Texas, and I sought out a practitioner who “specialized” in the topic of lasting longer. She actually came recommended by a friend who I didn’t know too well.

After calling around and doing a bit of research, she seemed to hold the promise land. 

A supposed “expert in her field” and she was almost insulted when I told her I didn’t want to take any medication as politely as I could. I turned down her offer of Promescent.

( Nothing is worse than having to explain what you just applied and THEN having to wait for it to kick in. NOTHING kills the mood faster. They’re messy, smell weird, and are incredibly awkward. )

So she handed me a box of extra strength condoms and told me there was “nothing more that I could do.” This was a doctor with glowing recommendations and her only advice was synthetic.

These were the words of a medical degree, an “expert” and I was essentially told “Deal with It, Don’t Waste My Time”.

I had had enough. There was no way the only thing I could possibly do was apply some foreign, messy application and/or slide a condom as thick as tire over my hair trigger and grin through the shame. I wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

I knew there was simply no way there wasn’t even a single person who overcame premature ejaculation and even further, didn’t know how he did it if he had.

And this is an unnecessarily huge problem.

You may not be aware… but nearly 60% of all women in relationships report they are UNHAPPY with their sex life and wish it were better.

These men don’t do ANYTHING because they’re afraid.

Everyone was too afraid of reaching out and asking for help. This seemed so damn hard for everybody to talk about.

It truly feels like this is such a personal and unique problem, and what would talking about it ever do?

Everybody’s only read the same garbage that’s so easily available and misguiding that they already know the conversation will only end in something like “Wear thicker condoms“…

“Go slow, pace yourself…”

“Breathe deeply and focus on your breathing, not on the pleasure,”….

“Try some numbing creams!”.

My name is Ross Aken. I’ve successfully coaching men through nutrition, relationships and lasting longer for the better half of my life now.

I’m constantly seeing some of the most gorgeous, driven women this world will offer of which have mutually agreed “friends with benefit” type-relationships… My life has been a bit crazy lately. But it wasn’t always like this…

Initially, I felt like it was all hopeless, sick and tired of advice from the “professional”, main stream garbage pushing men deeper into their own self-doubt and indecision by making the subject more and more confusing to buy worthless sex pills and buy into hippie garbage like “the start and stop method” or the “genetic trap” of “You’re just stuck with it and you have to deal with it.”

I WASN’T going to let the better half of my life pass me by, HIDING from even the slightest encounter with a women I was interested in.

It started in college, some of the most frustrating years of my life. It seemed no matter what I did, the best I managed was a one night stand or a week long fling at most before she realized who I truly was. All the confident, flirty talk. All the tension…

GONNNEE. Everything building up into one incredible disappointment.

It’s crazy to look back now and have to try to remember a time when a girl wasn’t begging me to come over again. Or to look back and remember how scared I became and how insecure I once grew.

You know what it’s like.

Absolutely stunner women everywhere. Young, driven and experimental… More relevant, the “Party Phase“. Where the only thing seeming to be on everyone’s mind is getting drunk again and taking each other home..

Yet here I am, too afraid to even ATTEMPT to even talk to a woman — especially one who’s clearly into me, because I couldn’t stand to lie and face another disappointing night again.

I was terrified of relationships. My biggest fear was being cheated on. I had many close friends in fraternities and was always at the house.

I’ve heard the stories that women love to gossip about and hell, I’ve even been a few of the stories before all of the insecurity and lack of confidence really started to chip away at me.

But all of a sudden everything changed. I met a woman who was absolutely amazing. I was never one to believe in fate but with the way we met I’ve quietly believed since. We were together for a little under a year, not my longest relationship but even after all these years one of the only few that I regret weren’t longer.

She inspired me in everything she did. She had the cutest little smile and even cuter ways. The way she would text me, how she demanded I come see her now or declaring all the things we were going to do when she came over later.

We were too alike. But I knew I couldn’t satisfy her and this left me endlessly stressed that she would find someone who could.

It hurts to have to look back and know that the reason we split up was because I wasn’t enough of a man for her. I remember learning how to “master” oral to get her off and yeah, it worked.

Until she begged me to be inside of her…

Until she was yet again, disappointed barely three minutes later. I felt miserable.

   The look she tried to hide left me with burning shame and anger.

I would turn her on so badly, and then just leave her horny without relief. All too soon, we became irritated with each other. Everything became a problem, when only the sex was.

It’s been years and still I desperately hope one day to go back to that place. But I know it’s not possible. I promised I would never let this happen again.

Piecing together stray bits of advice, talking with strangers and supposed “experts”. This was before the internet made research convenient. I was doing it old school.

The hardest part wasn’t being able to last longer, it was finding the right information.

It was sifting through all the marketing and the hype and the supposed mainstream “expert” material and finding what actually worked, and what was practical.

There were topicals and supplements out at the time, like Promescent or abusing depressants, but it was the band aid treatment…

They were expensive, awkwardly inconvenient, and virtually ineffective. Even worse, explaining what I was doing while having to wait ALWAYS killed the mood.

And it wasn’t until I landed on those Cheat Codes that I was talking about earlier. Imagine what you could do if you knew exactly what it was that caused you to ejaculate so quickly, and imagine using exactly the opposite, of what barely affects you.

The true beauty of what I’m about to tell is that eventually nothing will cause you to ejaculate beyond your conscious approval.

I stumbled on this concept after speaking with an escort. It lets the man know exactly where he is at all times in regards to climaxing.

It didn’t matter where he was at within his threshold, he knew exactly how much longer he could last or couldn’t last, doing whatever it was he doing.

Like a science with charts and graphs in his mind.

It’s funny how the real reason guys only dig themselves deeper into the hole is the same concept that will get them out.

By paying attention and learning exactly how your body responds and what specific key things to look out for, you can completely control your current sexual state of excitement.

Your body has all of these little response patterns that indicate how to interpret the sensations you’re feeling.

This is why even the most “naturally talented” man will struggle to last. And without the right help most men will never get anywhere.

After I stepped back and implemented this, not only did my progress finally start to “click”, but at rates exponentially faster than I was ever doing before.

This is what essentially shortcuts through YEARS of going about lasting longer otherwise. And what’s incredible and still blows my mind to this day?

It seems the better you get, the faster you improve. The first week is the slowest, but after it’s like you jump through a time loop and suddenly you can see the writing on the wall. You roll over laughing and smiling as she asks why you’re giggling under heavy breaths. It feels… good.

It’s success. And it opens up limits beyond what I could ever convince you were real.

Imagine a bodybuilder taking supplements that help him repair his muscles for a quicker, stronger recovery and to utilize his nutrition far more efficiently and to “grow” his muscles, right?

Well, these are made from compounds and amino acids that you can find naturally in your everyday foods. They say you design your body in the gym and sculpt it in the kitchen.

One of my ways to overcome my insecurities and vent stress was going to the gym. After, I’d go to the coffee shop down the street and get a Peanut Butter Smoothie with protein powder added as a post-workout recovery drink.

Eventually I made friends with the owner who was huge into lifting and fitness. The coffee shop was actually his dream project and he only works once or twice a week.

He’s a semi-retired pro card body builder.

We talked and I opened up to him. He and I had some enlightening conversations.

We quickly began to add just a few simple nutrients and literally it was like NOS to my progress both in the gym AND in bed. Not only was I lasting longer, but I felt incredible. I looked better, my skin and hair looked healthier….

I was getting bigger and my energy levels felt amazing.

This is another one of those improvements that trickle through and improve other areas of your life as you can imagine.

Here’s the information that I teach in all of my sessions that took me forever to realize and finally form into simple concepts that allow anyone who use this to last… And I mean LAST.

It really comes down to these three things,

1. Understanding your current natural responses as you pass closer towards your stimulus threshold — the point of no return — where no matter what the stimulation is too great and you’re going to climax.
2. Re – Engineering your body’s responses to the sensations of sex stimuli3.  Maintaining and continuously deepening your new responses to the sensations.

That’s how simple it is.The “Cheat Code” for lasting longer: simple patterns you too will use to be able to begin enjoying deeply satisfying sex as movies became the background noise while you quietly make passionate love all night, like how you’ve wanted…

Again, my name is Ross Aken, I’ve been both a men’s nutrition and relationship coach for the past half of my life now.

Take my word when I say it’s as if you’re signing your soul to the devil to gain an unnatural ability to last longer in bed WITHOUT any of the paperwork or actual transaction of the soul exchange. That’s how powerful this is.

I can tell you in my own teaching that this is the number one step that you must do for the rest of the pattern to fall into place. And it’s one of the easiest. Which means the other two are dead simple.

1. First, you’ll understand what exactly it is that causes you to ejaculate so quickly. You’ll learn how to recognize and locate the subtle responses that are what your body has learned to associate climax with.

It does not matter how old you are, how “severe” your premature ejaculation is, or anything else.

2. Then, you’ll learn how to re-program your response patterns.

After you’ve done that you simply…

3. Maintain your progress, which you can do while merely eating breakfast and watching the news in the morning (and by having sex)

That’s all it takes to find yourself immersed in a world where you control exactly how long you want to last.

Where you take responsibility for your lover’s satisfaction while she nearly becomes addicted to your cock and what you can do with it to the point of an irrational lustful frenzy .

Suddenly, your wife can’t get enough of you. Suddenly she’s not as tired all the time — Literally — she finally feels refreshed and relaxed again.

You’ll watch all those arguments, the fights over the “little things” that once drove each other crazy, vanish.

Because you’ve solved the root of the problem. Those “little things” were just ways to not talk about the real issue at hand.

Suddenly, you might just have friends of friends try to hook up with you — to find out if you’re really just as amazing as you were talked you up to be.

Suddenly, you’ll be flirting so confidently, women will KNOW you’re a guy that’s amazing in bed and she won’t be able to wait to confirm this and to finally stop wasting time with jerks that don’t understand her needs.

Until just very recently, the only way you’d be able to discover and get your hands on this kind of information for yourself was to manage to schedule an appointment with my secretary for 12 hours of my time — a fee that would cause your hand to shake.

You’d have to sneak into my costly private coaching and this is AFTER you managed to hear about me through word of mouth.

And we’ve found again and again exactly what works to achieve lasting, permanent results naturally in as quickly a manner as possible.

That’s a huge understatement to how completely satisfied my clients were. I didn’t need any marketing, advertising or any of that nonsense. I had a loyal following and a strong reputation to uphold, so I was perfectly content to continue taking just a handful of clients at a time and being able to focus all of my effort individually.

But soon enough, the word really started to get out. Those men that found the courage to go about this on their own eventually found their way to me. It wasn’t the men that were talking, it was the women.

It was their wives, girlfriends and even “friends” that couldn’t help but bring it up.

They would gossip about the guy they just met last night, or how amazing the husband has been in bed lately and were almost terrified he was cheating on her because it was so good and passionate now.

Because she suffers too. Women across the world are severely “underfucked”, and as you know, they’ll do anything to find good sex.

It’s not fun for them…

It’s miserable.., having to wade through and sleep around until she finds someone she likes, and then WORSE, he leaves her for someone else. I mean, why would a guy with so much talent let it go to waste?

So it’s a struggle. And I get calls all the time from women who’ve realized what’s going on. They’re always so thankful. I tell them just wait, it’s going to get even better.

I was keeping my coaching within a small group of men and coaching them directly. I was living a great life. But sooner than later, it started to become too much.

My secretary was becoming overwhelmed… scared for her life. Men were desperate, angry and hopeless with nothing to lose.

After countless pleading voicemails, concerned friends and the occasional hate mail and hand written threats, I decided I had to make a move or be unable to visit half of the town’s restaurants, clubs or even walk home alone at night.

The information would still only be available to those who actively want to seek this information out and actually use what we create…

And two, was that we still limit number of people we take into our program…. men who will use this information responsibly and continue to be the same kind of guys who truly want to have an amazing sex life like those originally seeking us out.

And after months of work, we’re finally ready to introduce to you the program we call:

“Curb Your Ejaculation” is a step-by-step, almost-automatic self-training program in which we give you the secret owner’s manual to the revolutionized male mind and teaches you how to overcome even the worst premature ejaculation to have her clutching the sheets, digging her hands into your back, moaning your name as you take full control the bedroom to completely ignite your sex life with scandalous relationships and passionate sex that leaves her completely exhausted, smiling and satisfied, and coming back to you and you alone.

Everything, from page 1 to the end, is only what you need to last longer in bed. 

You’ll have everything you’ll need — like a hedonistic’s carnal toolkit to begin lasting playlists longer… stepping into your bedroom will be like stepping into a hidden world where only the most passionate fantasies exist because you can finally tap into each other’s deepest, most private inner desires you never had the time during sex to experience before. 

This material is powerful. Life-changing in fact… the kit to finally keeping a gorgeous, devoted girlfriend that you’ve always wanted.

Here’s just a tiny taste of the incredible methods and techniques you’ll learn if you’re one of the few men we allow to enroll in our program today….

How to drop a “Dominance Hook” in a woman’s mind…An insidious “thought trap” that draws her unconsciously back to you again and again for hours or even days after sleeping with you…. even if your encounter was subpar at best.

The “Escape Velocity” Trick…For during sex as a last minute last resort “Emergency Break” that will save you from ejaculation instantly.

How to Tap Her Emotions Like A Steel Keg…
You’ll learn the number one technique to instantly create serious connection with your woman in the bedroom as I teach you exactly how to stir dangerously-addictive emotions.

Use the “Rose Tinted Glasses” technique to completely re-frame how she sees you…You’ll understand what women REALLY find attractive and how to force her to nearly objectify you as she builds you up to be the most incredible lay she’s ever been with… even if you’re just beginning and are still barely giving a performance.

Caesar’s Tonality: How you can use your voice alone to have her shooting to climax..
Ever wonder why women react the way they do to John Mayer? We share a technique to use your voice as an “emotional and sexual” tuner as you can accelerate the intensity for her, slow it down, even make it feel something close to love… All Just by controlling the rhythm and tone of your voice. (Note : You can also use this to get in her in the mood)

– A sneaky “Hat Trick”, like simply turning a knob that melts her mind and be an unforgettable experience that she’ll demand to have again, and again and again.

– How to identify core road-blocks botching your every attempt at success and smash them to itty bitty bits!

– You’ll learn the three KEY characteristics that are more important than anything which you won’t find anywhere else that are essential to being everything your partner needs.

– The secret path to getting good in bed FAST – shortcutting your learning curve by light years– that we stumbled upon after painful trial and error (so you don’t have to!)

– We’ll give you “Escorts Patterns“, sex rhythms that will have your partner grasping at the sheets as she rides you like a swing while “minimizing” the intensity for you so you can keep going and going. (Hint — This single tip was enough to skyrocket countless client’s success, so listen up)

– You’ll learn how to quickly and completely re-train your body’s responses to the stimulations of sex which will be like a relaxing, gleeful adventure that doesn’t feel like learning at all. This is nothing like a medical dictionary full of terms or any crazy jargon.

– Our program nurtures you like a doting mother—jamming your face with healthy food that will make you grow BIG AND POWERFUL, by making you think it’s your favorite sweet. 

– Have her mind swirling with scandalous thoughts that will leave her no choice but tear your clothes off and speak her mind with tricks like “Red Lines” that will have your lover racing you to the finish nearly as quickly as you once had.

– FACT: 33% of men suffer from premature ejaculation, and you’ll learn how you can use this knowledge to your advantage to instantly separate yourself from ANY other partner she’s ever been with. I’ll tell you how.

– How to practically NEVER disappoint your woman in bed, assert addictive confidence and command full control EVEN if the sex was mediocre at best.
– The #1 Unforgivable Sin you can commit to your SELF that obliterates all chances of lasting longer with any girl you want AND what to do instead!

– You’ll get “Sau’s Idea” to immediately recover any lost self-esteem or confidence from the dreaded “not being enough” and solidify yourself a sex-worthy man that is almost too good for her.

– Discover timeless “fail-safe” moves and patterns to dominate the bedroom to ensure she’s satisfied EVERY time and wanting more.

– The #1 LAW of amazing sex – that will literally make or break you at all costs – revealed for you to follow!

– Master her emotions and completely engage her not just physically, but mentally — so much that it’s like you’ll slip her into an interactive dream as you tug directly on her devilish fantasies and inner most secret desires…

– and much, much more than we could list out here.

Here’s my simple promise to you:

Simply enroll in “Curb Your Ejaculation”, discover what our team spent months crafting. Take the information that took years to perfect…

Learn everything about how to understand exactly what causes you to ejaculate so quickly and how to easily correct virtually everything keeping you back.

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to suddenly become the man of your woman’s fantasies…
To have passionate, intense rough, deeply-satisfying sex where there’s still time to be gentle and loving and have EXACTLY the relationship with women you’ve always wanted.

In fact, if we’re even half right, you’ll suddenly feel like you’re possessed by James Dean or some guy named Jonny Castle and gained unnatural super power…

You’ll Have The Power to satisfy your woman completely, something she badly needs and has been waiting far too long to experience from you…

You’ll Have The Power to keep any woman you want happily faithful as both she and you know there’s no better man for her and not just “want“, but to actually NEED you – and only you – deep in her bones.

You’ll Have The Power to let any girl sense that you’re an amazing lay and someone definitely worth her time that she won’t want to manipulate, lie, or play a single damn “game”.

If I’m being honest, I can’t wait to get that e-mail from you explaining how this completely turned your life around.

To know with 100% certainty that you are everything your woman has been looking for and how amazing your sex life has become…

To have your choice of intelligent, gorgeous women.

Just picture an entire lifetime of stress, frustration, disappointment, resentment and even anger about previous relationships or current your sex life simply evaporating as if it had never even been there in the first place.

Imagine as your biggest fear becomes ‘if you picked up enough condoms from the store’ as you welcome sex back into your life to give it everything you’ve got. Hope you picked up the bonus pack, it’ll be a while.

Imagine being the guy other guys are jealous of, the guy women would kill to sleep with, and the man on the mind of that special one you love in more dirty, scandalous ways than you could ever imagine.

Finally, imagine seeing awaiting texts from your lover, demanding you come visit right this instant… 

That would feel pretty good, wouldn’t it?

I think you can feel how much you want this… the power to give any girl the night of her life again and again — sometimes she’ll even be in tears with how thankful she is.

This is some of the most powerful material available, and it really leads down to one final question…

The tough thing about learning how to overcome premature ejaculation or simply last longer… There’s so little information out there, and the material that is available is scattered or simply wrong. That’s why so many guys who attempt to “last longer in bed” never get ANYWHERE.

They’re not surrounded by other people who have survived the journey and blasted through all the hurdles or insidious sticking points.

And if you even DO start walking down the right path, there are all these subtle ways you can wrongly interpret new methods and techniques that you’ve read. After all, the techniques that may work for ONE guy may not work for the next, and more specifically, at least not at that current level of development.

In experiencing Curb Your Ejaculation, you’re empowered with a constant progression to keep you moving up the ladder from one level right through the next. The hesitation and doubt is immediately removed from your life—forever— because you’ve seen exactly how success is intricately designed.

Of course, you might find your own way through the endless labyrinth and bewildering universe of online men’s health advice. You might do it without having anyone in your life who has experienced the path of “total transformation” from start to finish, and who will reveal how EVERYTHING WAS DONE in concise detail.

Mhmm…. you genuinely might.

But remember, at the end of the day, it’s YOUR life.

I’d say that you’ve been through so much at this point that you owe it to yourself to seriously consider your life as it currently stands. Honestly, really step back from your life and consider whether your journey has reached a point that you want to REMAIN.

Because if you want to move forward, then you want to obtain the roadmap from the man who made it his mission to be successful or die trying.

What would this be worth to you?

I hope it is, because ultimately, what you’re gaining is a doorway into a life that is amazing in a way that you’ve never known about. That’s what your investment will get you.

Think about your life, and the experiences you want to check off the “bucket list” BEFORE YOU DIE.

Is getting a hold of this material worth whatever it is you may have to “risk” to attain it?

It’s not a decision I can make for you, but it’s a choice I made for myself many, many years ago. Looking back, the thought that I might have chosen otherwise is a scary, SCARY thing for me to contemplate.

Imagining how bad my life could have been had I not stepped up brings me into an ill feeling of nauseating disgust with myself, and I do not mind admitting that at all whatsoever.

So bearing in mind that this is YOUR LIFE, ask yourself this…

See, if you’ve read this far, I know it’s because you want this.

You want to finally have the solution to last longer in bed and keep even a woman with the craziest social life faithful and coming back to you.

And I want that for you too.

But — for reasons I’ve already explained – the idea that just anybody having this program didn’t exactly sit well with the team, that’s part of why we kept the price higher to help cut down on who exactly is getting this kind of information.

This is a “niche based series” that meets the special needs of a unique audience, containing years worth of information and only what has been found to work again AND AGAIN.

There are similar books of far LESS VALUE for a FAR MORE EXPENSIVE PRICE, which saturate the market today.

Then recently we were visiting just before the launch and we started really talking about what to determine the price.

I remember what it was like starting out with this whole success with sex thing…I also remember what it was like to be at DECENT levels of being able to last, where I wanted to take my semi-Casanova rampages to the NEXT LEVEL. A lot of the time people ask me why I offer so much for so little, and it’s because when I started out you couldn’t get your hands on ANYTHING like this. Heck, it’s the first time it’s coming out, RIGHT NOW.

I definitely would have done anything to get my hands on this type of advice and proven strategies…because it would have short-cut the path to “elite” level by a good 3-5 years.
Instead, I had to push through years of trial and error, and eventually “luck out” to find the information that’s been such a massive BOOST to get me to where I’m at now.

So really, don’t screw around here…

Jump onto this opportunity while it’s hot in your mind, and take advantage of the opportunities that this program has to offer you. Regardless of the absurd amounts of value that our program has crammed in it…you really can get started as soon as you get it.

If you want to sit on the sidelines for this too, know you’re taking another pass here on our long awaited life’s work, that we’ve produced to create an obvious and instant gain in your personal results.

You might be someone who has taken to learning this material passively. Maybe you have a big “identity” about how you’re a guy who won’t use a kick-ass series like this, because you’ve got “everything handled on your own.”

Well now is you’re a chance to come at your progress *actively*. It’s a chance to get your hands on the proven secrets and shortcuts that took myself and others YEARS of agony and darkness to figure out.

It’s packed-full of value and covers a VAST range of cutting-edge themes and ideas, but regardless of all the information it will pound into your skull it’s still FUN because it’s about YOU and getting YOUR LIFE together.

But to be honest, I wasn’t really having it…

Is escaping trap of premature ejaculation worth the mere investment to finally take limitless control of your sex life?

Is that investment worth a new whole world where you can have deeply satisfying, reinvigorating sex that will have even the most social girl faithful and wanting you and only you?

With Curb Your Ejaculation, you’re getting everything we know to absorb and apply that you’re able to use instantly at your own pace, at nearly a fraction of the cost of what it would to attend a live session with myself or a highly trained coach.

You’re getting a life’s work, conveniently delivered right to you, which you don’t even need to leave the house to acquire or use.

No more frustration and insecurity. No more wasting money and time on dates that go nowhere.As soon as you become a lifetime member of Lifted Limitations, you will be given access to Curb Your Ejaculation, future updates as well as additional free bonuses where you can download them as you wish. …Furthermore, you’re entitled to a lifetime of updates and improvements.

In addition, you’ll be able to have any personal questions or concerns answered by me directly through email.

You’ll instantly gain years’ worth of experience that will slice your time in half and save you boundless misery if you were to go about this on your own just by using some of the information I’ve shared with you here.

You can go your own way. You don’t need me. I did it. Why can’t you?

…But why fumble aimlessly when you have the straight line from information that accumulated over years of experience and who has given you everything neatly organized and efficiently presented in the most powerful way that we have found to this day?

No catches. No Nonsense. We only ask this one thing.

Follow the ENTIRE program. Use this. You’ll get so much value that you’ll be dying to race over to your lover’s arms and dive into the bedsheets together.

And if we’re even HALF right, all we’ll ask is for you to use it and satisfy your lover.

Discrete Billing: Your receipt and bank statement will discretely say CLKBANK* and will make no mention of this program!

Here’s how this works and all you have to do:

If, for ANY reason at all, you aren’t completely satisfied with your own personal copy of Curb Your Ejaculation, I’ll refund your money. It’s that simple. FULL REFUND.

Just say “maybe” to “Curb Your Ejaculation”…
Go through the program, do the exercises, understand the methods we tell you.

No catches. No nonsense. I only ask one thing.

Follow through with the ENTIRE program. You will get so much value that your lover will be dying for you to come over and begin expanding the bedroom into an entirely new world.

But if you were raised on the moon, and if you don’t agree, just shoot me an email letting us know you’re backing out and I’ll make sure your purchase is fully refunded as quickly as possible because you stepped up as a man and made the effort for yourself, I’ll be happy to issue you a refund.

I just cannot think of any other way to POSSIBLY make it easier or more low risk for you.

When you order, you’ll be taken to a secure order page where you can get your own copy of Curb Your Ejaculation – (just use a valid credit or debit card for your order – you can pay by PayPal, as well – we’ll send you the program as soon as it’s cleared).

Once you get it, go through it from beginning to end. You will see INSTANTANEOUS RESULTS, and you WILL begin lasting longer and enjoying the fruits of increased bedroom stamina.

Get Curb Your Ejaculation RISK-FREE. If you decide that it’s not for you – for ANY REASON – just make sure I receive word back from you within 60 days of your purchase. Done.

If (WHEN) you love the program, you’re going to be so psyched that you made the right choice.

I truly want to help you have the sex life you deserve. I get emails every day from guys who’ve had their lives changed by this advice. They’re enjoying success they never thought possible. I want to see you get these results too.

Why am I willing to be so generous with this guarantee?

Because I want this for you.

I want you to feel what it’s like to be confident and enjoy lustful relationships that you deserve.

To consciously decide when you want to ejaculate. To finally satisfy the girl you cherish and for her to look at you with longing in her eyes.

And I want this for the women out there too. Women who desperately write in to me every day for help with their man, when I know how completely women are suffering… and how ecstatic finally she’ll be once you begin seeing results.

And all you have to do is click the button below to get instant access to the program now

Discrete Billing: Your receipt and bank statement will discretely say CLKBANK* and will make no mention of this program!

– This is information few men know and even fewer know how to use.

– A technique adopted from a stripper, “Riding a 7”, that’s pulled straight from the porn industry, bringing focus on how good sex feels while establishing a straight line to your lover’s “O” face.

– Our highly classified top-secret weapon that will completely flip the script on a woman and have her dying to see how the night plays out, keeping the anticipation in the bedroom high where she’ll switch into “fantasy mode”

– You’ll learn three MUSTS a woman needs from the man in her life, including a man that knows how to take the lead and take control.

She wants someone who can also do this beyond the bedroom,

Whether it’s surprising her with some of her favorite breakfast in the morning or taking a risk and daring the odds.

Decisiveness…. it means you’re a man that knows exactly what he wants to accomplish and will do just that.

Women are drawn to a man like a fly to honey by a man who knows who he is, what he wants, and will step up and take it…

Including decisions you make when she’s not around, especially taking the decision to pursue the things you want in life.

There are few things as attractive as a man who is dedicated and driven towards success, stopping at nothing to get what he wants.

Women love the driven hustle of a man who chases his desires, one of the few defining characteristics that set a man apart. In this world you either eat or starve.

Which brings us to a very simple decision you need to make right now…

You’re here because this is something you want. And you know you’ll always be wondering what’s on the other side. There’s a life far more worth living waiting for you.

You want to know what it’s like to watch your woman close her eyes, lay back, and relax completely as she gets the ride of her life, to be able to have deeply satisfying, passionate sex that stops at nothing and never ends, and to make a woman feel better both physically and emotionally than she ever has before…
To basically be a DRUG women can’t get enough of…

And right now you’re at a fork in the road.

The decision you make will affect the rest of your life right now.

And really, you have two options….

Option one is for you to step away… Wonder where you could have taken yourself, where you could be or whose arms you could be within…

Feel your stomach tighten as you ignore that inner craving in your heart…

You can go back to yearning after the women you see in the street and when you’re out at night, knowing you’ll never be enough… lusting after the girl in the cubicle next to you and every other girl you meet… burying your anger in video games and porn and work, living life alone trying to make the best of it while seeing women as an alien species you’ll never understand or even have the opportunity.

You return to feeling resentment and to doing nothing, living a life of excuses, embarrassing, awkward encounters that lead to lonely nights until you finally find a woman who’s willing to settle for a less than desirable sex life where you pray she won’t cheat on you.

You can make the decision not to make any decision at all and find yourself wondering why hot, beautiful women ignore you… shove you into the friend zone…say how “nice” you are behind your back – while refusing to even THINK about dating you.

Or, you can make a real decision.

This can be the one moment that you look back on just months from now and feel complete pride.

You can risk absolutely nothing, enroll in “Curb Your Ejaculation”
learn the simple, proven methods to have the passionate sex, all the scandalous love, all the success with women you’ve wanted since you were a 13-year-old kid lusting after cheerleaders in math class.

Simply click the button below right now.

Enter your credit card information.
Take a deep breath, and dive into a whole new world where women are easy…

Easy to understand… easy to talk to… easy to date… easy to sleep with.

Feel for yourself what it’s like to have absolute control over your relationships with women.

Become that one irresistible beacon women can’t help but be drawn to and let our team do all the work as you finally get the “sex” part of your life figured out.

Think about it enough and you’ll realize that it’s hardly a decision at all.

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