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CRM Hacks to Increase Sales for Your Mid-Size Business


While most companies know what a CRM solution is, few CRM Consultants effectively guide companies how to properly use CRM to generate their extra sales. This especially holds true for mid-size companies who do not have pockets as deep as their larger competition. Making maximum use of this tool can make an enormous difference in their top line.

CRM, as we all know, are great tools to help companies get a 360º overview of their entire customer data. It links the data to the rest of the data management systems in various other departments of the organization. It is also worth mentioning that Salesforce, Microsoft or any other Open Source CRM Development Services, have changed the way mid-size businesses use their CRM platforms.

The real utility of these amazing software, however, is how it helps companies build a customer-centric business model that automatically bonds all the departments to fill one, clear objective of the company: keeping the customers happy.

Let us explore a few tricks and hacks that are sometimes forgotten by companies while using their CRMs.

Enhancing Traditional Sales Methods:

Most mid-size companies in the U.S. use a combination of traditional and new age processes to drive sales. By traditional, we mean cold calls and face-to-face appointment setting. These processes are majorly dependent on human-generated sales leads.

One should keep in mind the power of relationship building in sales. For years, sales agents have built up their databases for prospect clients directly on the field or from other third-party sources. This valuable lead base is often lost when the employee leaves the organization. Manually entering the acquired lead contacts into the system at the office takes up to 15 productive workdays in a year, in a typical traditional sales setup.

When you implement an automated CRM mobile app with your field sales, reps can enter the data into your system in real time. The organization has to communicate to the sales agent the benefits of having such a system as it becomes much easier for them as well to manage their own data.

In our CRM consulting sessions, we cannot stress enough how this newly acquired lead data is important to an organization. It directly connects to the rest of your data system. It can also be easily traced if the particular lead was previously acquired by another sales agent, and whether there is a previous good or bad history with them. Such a process reduces the sales cycle so sales agents will not have to run around to find out about the lead.

Managing Digital Leads:

Digital leads, as the name suggests, come from digital sources. Digitally generated warm and cold leads may come from your email list, paid campaigns or other website referrals. This information is taken into account for your CRM Integration.

If the same client has been generating queries from various digital sources engaging in conversation multiple times, and visiting your website multiple times, it most likely indicates they are interested in your product and there is a high chance one can convert them. Sales managers can segregate low-hanging leads this way using the CRM data.

Even for the emails going out to your email list, CRM data helps in designing special campaigns. It also can personalize the offer to fit into something they are really looking for.

Relationship Management:

In account-based or high net worth selling, relationship management is undoubtedly the key to acquire, retain and upsell to clients of the mid-size business. CRM is now a highly customizable tool that lets you capture detailed information about the decision-making process.

Apart from a history of complaints, such as RFQs for example, one can also capture personal details in the CRM. For instance, their favorite past time. It could be tennis for a few, and golf for others. This means when you schedule your next client meeting, you can plan it accordingly and help them meet other like-minded professionals. This can help strengthen your customer-client relationship.

Even for service agents in mid-size companies, in-depth data about client history can help them create better offers. They can also have more meaningful conversations, even if the last relationship manager has left the organization without a hand-over to the next one.

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