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Creating Expert Level Authority For Your Fitness Business


There is no shortage of competition for today's fitness professional. It does not matter if you offer online training, a brick-and-mortar facility, or a combination of online and face-to-face products and services. The consumer has at least a dozen choices about how they consume and use fitness programs today.

Yet, there's one thing we all want and that's the best. Whether we're on a budget or we have disposable income we all want the highest quality we can get. That's where positioning yourself as the expert in your community, be it online or not, is a huge asset for you.

Immediately, you're going to want to run promotions and have incentives for people to get started with you. You'll follow up with stellar customer service and they'll have supreme results. That will result in customer retention and referrals both. So special events, protests and advertising for immediate action are still your friend.

If you want to grow your business to have a brand and position as expert though its going to take something more. You will need to take a level up approach. Through sharing your knowledge, your program, your unique distinctions in a variety of media you will slowly but steadily gain traction as the "it" expert.

Where do you start?

1.) Consider your customer. Where does your ideal customer hang out? Where do they get their information? How do they consume their news? The best way is to ask. Based on their potential answers you'll begin targeting those terms with your content. You might find for instance many of your clients still read the local paper. Start there. Ask about writing a weekly column, for free. The positive exposure you'll get will never be replicated by a paid ad. Keep asking. Submit a few sample columns. Take one column idea and submit three versions of it in different lengths.

If your customer say they use Facebook constantly or they watch the local news religiously, find out what time. Study the newscast and identify opportunities. Think about how the news station could benefit so you can pitch that. Do the same if radio is your target. What if you're clients enjoy podcasts while they exercise? Explore the best ways to reach your target market.

2.) Create original content. There is a lot of information out there. The world does not need any more opinionated, copy cat articles. Use research to back up your claims. Report case studies of your clients with their permission. Name your system or style of doing things with coined-terms that are yours and yours only.

Above all, create a clear objective before you write. Start with that. Create bullets of information that are your key points. Give each bullet several several sentences. Include one quote or research citing with each.

If grammar and writing were not your thing considering talking it. Have someone transcribe it and clean up the grammar so you sound articulate. You do not and actually should not sound like you have a doctorate. Plain, simple English and short words and sentences works best! If you understand it really well you can teach it so a fifth grader can get it. That's really how you want to write.

3.) Be consistent and persistent. A lot of people start. Few people write or publish videos weekly with the same regularity they exercise. If you want results in anything it takes regular, consistent and frequent dedication. Even before you see the results you are making a difference. Keep contactors editors or station managers if you need to in order to get through.

4.) Cross train your marketing. Mention the article you wrote in the paper in your newsletter to customers. Leave your email or website optin page in your byline of an article. Place a video inside your email or social media sites. Twice the connection power and more ways people can consume your expert information.

When you begin to get questions and comments from readers or viewers who would never have connected with you otherwise, you know that it's working.

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Source by Debra Atkinson

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