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Create an Editorial Calendar For Your Business


One of the best tips I know to stay on top of your content creation comes from my 10 years of public relations experience. Create an editorial calendar for your business. An editorial calendar is essentially a weekly (or daily) content plan for your business.

Having an editorial calendar lets you plan your articles and blog entries around your product launches and around seasonal events. Planning your writing this way allows you to get the most bang for your writing time. It also allows you to create the consistency you need for your articles and blog posts to bring you more traffic over time.

Here are some tips to creating an editorial calendar that will work for you and your business.

1, Create a spreadsheet – add a column for each day of the week you want to write. Number the rows. Each row will be one of your writing weeks.

2. Take a look at your business / marketing plan. Mark down your product launches (or product launches of your affiliate partners) on your calendar. Plan articles around your products. Start promoting your products a few weeks advance. Use your calendar to make sure that your affiliates and promotion partners know about your walks well in advance.

3. What are the "events" that relate to your product. For example, January is "national get organized month". May is national "Shoes for Orphans Month". Planning your articles and blog posts around these events can often lead to more media attention because they have a timely "hook". Do not forget to also submit your "timely" articles as press releases through online distribution services and to your local paper. You could become a local expert.

4. Make your own weekly pattern. Write about the same topic each day. For instance, you could have marketing Mondays, wordplay Wednesdays, free for all Fridays, etc.

Consider planning your "own day" into your marketing calendar. You can write article, blog posts and even press releases announcing your special event. On your day, you can have a sale, make a donation to charity whatever makes your readers happy! Start promoting your "day" as far in advance as possible.

Now that you have your spreadsheet, spend some time brainstorming possible articles. Start filling the articles into the calendar. Pretty soon, you'll have three months or more of ideas.

Now, I know things change and that you might not actually write the article you've planned on every day – but knowing that there is a topic waiting for your each day makes it much easier to write consistently.

Do not be afraid to change the calendar as things change, it is just a guideline. You can also reuse the calendar for years to come adjusting it as your business evolves.

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Source by Meredith A. Eisenberg

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