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Communicate Your Business Message Convincingly


If you want your business to be successful, you need to form a business message that will convince customers of your integrity as well as the quality of your service or product.

What Is Most Meaningful

Your message will have an impact when your aim is not to make more sales, but to explain to customers how your service or product is of benefit to them. You may already know your basic business orientation. By formatting your message, you have the chance to define exactly what you want to achieve; so writing your message is valuable not only to your target customers, but also to yourself, as it helps you discover what is most meaningful to you.

What You Need to Convey

With your business message, your principles and values ​​should become transparent. In order to make your message effective, you need to convey with sincerity and specificity your goals and aspirations; what inspired your decision to start your business; what motivates you to grow your business; why and how you want to serve your customers. Your key motivators and big "why" is the heart of what you do.

Key Points to Be Covered

When writing your message, take into consideration who your target audience is. Think about what they will need to know to be convinced of the value of your business; make sure you answer all the relevant questions they may have before becoming your clients. Underline what distinguishes you from your competitors, without depreciating them. Lay emphasis on your fundamental immaterial purpose: Do you want to build a workplace where people will innovate and fulfill their creative potential? State this explicitly.

Be the Number One Choice

If you have not yet managed to act in accordance with your business message, which articulates your essential purpose, think how you can start harmonizing your efforts to change this. Also, do not forget to clarify what your customers will gain when your company's vision is fully realized. This is how you help them understand what makes you special; and you manage to earn their respect and trust so that you become the number one choice for them.

Your Writing Style

As far as the writing style is concerned, it is advisable to:

  • maintain a positive tone through your message,
  • use word that is easy to understand,
  • connect to the audience needs,
  • avoid prolixity, and
  • express yourself in a civil manner.

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Source by Carol A Soares

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