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Chai Tea – A Complete Health Drink


Are you a bed coffee lover? Do you believe that your day can be good only if you had a fresh start with a coffee? As you know though coffee is a very powerful drink, its caffeine content does have some addictive property and is also found to deten the digestion process, induce sleep alterations and disorders, stir up stomach ulcers and studies are still moving on.

Any way health experts had agreed with a substitution for all these, something that will make you more lippy and fresh without any of the problems stated above. We could call this chain tea. Are you new to this term? Chai tea is a formulation that is approved and accepted by many of our tea experts and health providers.
This tea could owe something more than the freshness of a coffee, it is well known for its health benefits.

It has less acidic content and less amount of caffeine. Chai tea also consists of ginger content in it, although contradictory, ginger has many beneficial effects in human body. It is not an issue that while you take the tea, you may have to keep away your favorite drinks. But chai tea could offer you much more health gains than any other hot drinks.

Chai tea consist of a lot of anti oxidants. You may have heard of this term a lot, is not it? Antioxidants are those which help to nullify the effect of free radicals that may damage the cellular membranes as well as delay the cell activities. Free radicals are manufactured in our body as a result of several metabolic activities so if you take a tea daily, then it means that the effect of the free radicals are slowly counterbalanced by the anti oxidants in its that enabling you with more health and freshness .

Chai tea can be considered as a natural health stuff as most of its contents are raw or purely naturally. For example, ginger will help you to restore and refresh your respiratory as well as digestive system thus assisting in the body metabolism. It will also strengthen the immune power and make us more strong and resistant against infections. Cloves include another important content which aid in heat production and is very useful in winter seasons. Cinnamon and cardamom are also included in the making up of chai tea, which perks up your memory and your health.

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Source by Sooraj Surendran

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