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Business Telephone Systems Can Make You Money


Business telephone systems have come a long way since just even a few years ago. It used to be that small businesses would buy simple one line or two line phones when they first start out. Larger companies would install private branch exchanges or PBXs, for short. PBXs were quite expensive and also very difficult to install as well as to maintain. And for really small companies one line and two-line systems do not give the business owner much opportunity to do more than just answer / make a call or go to voicemail.

The sophistication of these new telephone systems now allows a company to start really small and then to grow quite quickly as opportunities present themselves. In fact, the new systems also make a small company look like a big company because of the features built into them. For example, some of the nice features of the business telephone system based on VoIP services include things like: voicemail, of course, three-way calling, call forwarding, call routing, and call hunting. These types of features were typically only found in really high end branch exports which often cost tens of thousands of dollars.

There are many business telephone systems based on VoIP that are on the market today. Each one of them presents a different type of solution, but generally they provide the same fundamental features of managing your inbound and outbound calls and the foundation for expanding based on the size of the company. For example one of the features included in VoIP solutions are extensions. One way to make use of extensions is to have different extensions for different departments. These different departments may or may not really exist in your company, but the incoming client does not needarily need to know that.

Another way to use extensions is to give each employee a different extension. In this example, you can have a sales person who is out in the field with an extension specifically called sales. Your technical support person could be in a different location from the salesperson. All you need to do is assign this person an extension and route calls to his or her physical phone or mobile number. This is truly a great way to create a virtual organization, as well. A company would want sales and support to be as readily available as possible to ensure great customer support.

The best business telephone systems allow a company to start small and grow as their needs require. There are solutions that allow a company to have a one line option and add more lines as you needed. Some of them even start off with free trials which are a great way to get used to how to work within the systems. Then you can figure out the best options to maximize your sales opportunities. The most important thing to recognize is that setting up these types of systems can actually help you generate more revenue by being more accessible to potential clients.

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