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Business Success Topics – My Business is Not Growing


From time to time either your going to ask the question or you will here that from someone in your group ask, "My business is not growing?" Either for yourself or someone in your group there are three Business Success Topics you need to look into to get the answer to your question. I am sure there are a lot more but we are just going to stick with three. Some of what you are going to read might be hard to swallow and sting just a bit. I have really never meet anyone that likes to hear or figure out any of this or better yet to accept it.

The three Business Success Topics you need to look into so you can move forward and succeed are:

1) YOU



Before I begin I want to say that if things are not going the way you thought it would IT IS NOT YOUR YOUR FAULT! The first BUSINESS SUCCESS TOPIC is YOU. I could write a book on this one, so I will share little golden nuggets for you to start on.

Your self esteem and how you deal with people is a good place to start. Most people, not all, traditionally have low self esteem. The way you think about yourself projects to others. From the day you were born outside forces started to have an impact on the way you think about yourself. Which in turn directly affects the way you attract and deal with people.

To start to fix this, I use a phrase like this, "Do a check up from the neck up!" Take a hard long look at yourself and if things in your life are not the way you want them to be make the choice to change. A lot of things are happen to you because of your self esteem and attitude.

The next business success topic, that is if you are involved in a Multi Level Marketing Business is the way you market your business.

There are two ways to build your business, offline and online. Both work very well for any type of Multi Level Marketing Business. The problem comes in when new and old business owners try to market the same way for both. Attraction Marketing is the way to market when using the Internet. Were most business owners go wrong is when they promote their business or product first. Ask yourself, "How many people would join someone they do not know or just meet?" Work on branding yourself and building relationships first.

The Last Business Success Topic is your choice of Primary Business. There are many reasons why your primary business could cause you to have slow growth or none at all. Some of them are: Start up cost, Leadership, Lack of training and your Competition.

Always ask yourself if other people could afford your business and products. Do your research, compare pricing and the leadership team of your competition. Also look into the training system the company has set up to educate their Independent Business Owners.

In Summary: When you find yourself wondering WHY my business is not growing, look at yourself, how you are marketing your business and look deeper into your primary business. When all three of those items are all on the same page you will Succeed and reach your goals in business and life.

Just remember we are all on a journey to live our live to the fullest and most of all have fun while you are doing it.

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Source by Mark Wezyk

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