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Business In 2010: A New Face of Marketing


The term "internet marketing" was virtually non-existent a short 8 years ago, now it is a growing phenomenon that is raking millions every year. Because of this expanding industry, the Internet landscape it changing. Where are the changes going to be? I fully expect a growth in interactive end-user experiences – an online environment catering to the individual preferences of a single visitor. I also foresee a massive change in the way we market online. A change could include "personalized" advertisements embedded so deeply into the product that the user does not realize it as an ad.

Where is this marketing going? Where will it be in 2010? Here are some ideas:

Personal Ads:

Not "Single white male seeks ….". Advertisements displaying personalized data to the end user. This trend has started with products like Google's AdWords, where visitors are greeted with ads specific to the content on the page. With the free flow of personal information on the internet, it is feasible that in a few years, the advertisements could be as specific as, "Bob, the Buick is over due for an oil change, here are the 3 closest Quick Lubes"

Advertisement Channels:

Cable channels are expanding so quickly it is hard to keep up, soon, we could be surfing over to channel 1430 for the "2010 Chevrolet Series", where we actually sit down and watch a one hour special on Chevy's – this mode of advertisement would work for a couple of reasons:

– It is highly targeted

Current television advertising (commercials) often get the MUTE button treatment or we get up to get more popcorn, leaving an unknown number of viewers watching the 30 second ad.

– Accepting market

When viewer tune in specifically for a product, your message effectiveness grows exponentially. For example, if you the viewer are not interested in the "Home Depot Shed Products" advertising channel, do not watch. For those of you who are interested in home and garden and Do It Yourself, this channel would serve as your personal how-to expert. Home Depot reaches only those interested in their product while maintaining their orange apron image.

Customized Webpages:

On some webpages now, a visitor can change the color and theme of the webpage. This makes for a more enjoyable destination – leading to more recurring visitors. Once a user has spent the time to build their own portal, they will return and use that as their primary resource of information (think MSN).

Webpages of the future must be able to support a "no two alike" mentality. End users must have the option of customizing their content, color, theme, and functionality.

The changes are on the horizon, prepare your business to capture visitors and give them the "one-on-one" feeling.

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Source by Jacob Madison

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