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Business Benefits of YII PHP Framework


YII is a high performance and robust open source web application development platform that uses PHP in order to develop web 2.0 applications. In recent times, it has gained a lot of heat because of its developer friendly features. It is available free for download from its official website. These features attract PHP web development companies for opting in for YII application development framework.

When it comes to business, the very first thing that we look for in any framework is the pace of development. In this ruthless competitive world we need responsive design services which should be well grounded with effective performance, robustness and scalability. And when we are talking about YII, it's the inbuilt libraries and responsive design services which swing it right into action. Due to its strong capabilities, it gives developers the freedom to experiment with the skill set. Similarly, it is considered to be the best PHP platform by developers who want to create web applications that take technology beyond the usual scales.

Now, one of the most critical things that we want from the business point of view is PERFORMANCE. Keeping performance in mind, YII stands ahead of every other framework available in the market as of now.

How YII is so fast

YII is so fast because it uses the lazy loading technique . As an example, it does not include any class file until the class is used for the very first time. Here, it does not create an object until the object is accessed at first. Talking about other frameworks, they suffer from the performance factor because they have to enable this functionality, no matter whether it would have been used or not during a request.

Key Business Advantages of YII

From the business point of view, the very basic reason why YII has gained so much heat in recent times is that this framework has greatly reduced the team size which was initially required for the successful implementation of a particular project because of lot of automation provided by the framework especially Gii module.

Secondly, good extensions are available which has reduced testing efforts as one does not have to start from the scratch.

At last, but certainly not the least, the overall performance of the YII based web applications has improved a lot because of the highly extensible, robust and scalable features it provides.

Now, if we try to sum up these points together, we end up at some very critical things when it comes to business profits of YII.

1. Because of the reduced team size, the overall project cost becomes less. The same application can be sold at a reduced price and there would be a tough competition for the existing giants.

2. Again, the project cost reduces to a greater extent because the infrastructure involved in the whole process reduces.

Keeping these many things on the charts, every other web application development company is looking for skilled YII developers to enhance their performance and reduce their overall project pricing.

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