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Business Analysis Skills for Microsoft Dynamics AX


According to the proposed Sure Step Methodology of Microsoft Dynamics AX, the analysis phase is critical for the entire project since it is about gathering required details, and then assess them with the help of analysis templates and checkslists for ensuring that none of the factors are overlooked .

Most Dynamics AX application consultants understand the need of delivering a Functional Requirements Document (FRD) to the client. This document is to ensure that as a vendor, they have looked into the requirements and would require the instructions to proceed from analysis to the design phase.

It is important to understand the role of business analysis here since one needs to understand different techniques and methods which are critical for smooth Microsoft ERP implementation in a typical enterprise.

As a business analyst (BA), and ERP consultant, the prime goal that you have while managing clients is to manage their change. The change to be made is drastic in an organizational point of view since your ERP implementation affects businesses, people's lives and workplaces. It is important to work on one's interpersonal skills, and then pay attention to the latest standards while strategizing on a plan of implementation. Here are some of the business analysis skills which are pivotal for success in Dynamics AX implementations .

· You can not master something if you lack understanding

Business analysis is about a set of tasks and techniques that works to make the stakeholders understand about the project's structure, policies, along with particular operations and recommend solutions for goal achievement.

One needs to have a proper understanding of the tools and techniques involved. As an AX consultant, on needs to work on communication techniques to convey the project elements clearly to clients especially during the analysis phase of a project.

Additionally, by adding business analysis degree or a diploma will add to the credentials and boost your knowledge and strength your career growth opportunities.


One needs to be aware of all the significant participants when introducing the analysis since that would give you ample understanding of how to present the same. Dynamics AX consultants have to convey the elements of the project clearly to CEOs and CFOs and should always be targeting the big picture after talking about the basic details involved. Meeting key users is also helpful since that would give you some additional insight into what is actually required practically.

· Know Business First

Business Analysts need to work around a Dynamics AX implementation project and always speak in purview of the profits involved for the clients.

One needs to be aware of the common business fields covered by Microsoft Dynamics AX including domains such as Distribution and Trade, Retail, Manufacturing, Field Service, and the like.

· Know the Technology

Every business analyst needs to be sure about the technology that they are advocating and since it is essential to know the basic details of the application first, along with its lifecycle.

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