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British Pound Vs US Dollar


Currencies all over the world have their own importance. The currency of a certain country is based upon its economy. Dollar and Pound are two of the currencies that are widely being used throughout the world for trades and exports.

The British pound is known to be the most financially sound currency in the world. It's the 4th most traded currency and the 3rd most reserved treaties in the world. The economic history of the pound is quite significant. Once it was the most dominating currency in the world but now the US dollar has taken its place. The pound lost its value in the 1940s but it has not been slipped beyond significance. The British pound has a long history of global leadership and it still plays an economic role in the world.

The dominance of the pound or any other currency is based upon the idea of ​​which country plays its role to rule the world on the basis of stable economy and its reserves. Practical and conservative financial policies are followed in the UK in order to maintain its growth rate. If we compare the US Dollar and Pound then we learn that the US dollar is at the top and the Pound lies at second position. However, the worth of the dollar is said to be less than that of the pound. That is because the UK has a better monetary policy.

When we talk about the US dollar, then we learn that most of the markets globally have flushed the US dollar in their reforms in order to maintain and raise their economic condition. The US dollar is said to be preferred over the UK pound because according to the current status, the USA is holding world power. This is the reason why the dollar is preferred more than the pound.

Most of the countries across the globe are using the US dollar and UK pound for exchanging goods and trading. They are making good revenues out of these exports on the basis of that they are economically and financially strong. The worth of the UK pound is more than that of the US dollar. But third world countries still prefer US dollars over pounds because they want to overcome their economic instabilities.

Huge amount of US dollars are found in the market. This is due to the fact that the USA wants to collapse countries like Russia, China and Brazil in order to take hold over them. France and Australia are also included in the list. Some of the countries have taken steps to eliminate the trade of the dollar currency and have made their currency stronger in order to compete. Usually most under-developed countries need aid of other treaties just because they have to become part of the developed and ruling powers. This is the reason why the US dollar penetrates the markets of these countries.

The value of the US dollar is less than that of the UK pound. Both the courses run side by side, but most of the countries around the world prefer dollars.

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