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Bowflex Revolution Home Gym


The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is one of the most popular home exercise machines and has been seen in the media with mostly positive reviews. As someone who own and works out with one on a regular basis I would like to share my experience.

About The Revolution Home Gym

The Revolution is the flagship home gym offered by Bowflex. What separates it from regular home gyms is its ability to offer an incredible range of exercises to isolate and target virtually any muscle group. One of the most important principles to successful weight loss and muscle gains is having a clear plan and action.

Instead of giving your basic compound exercises that you could perform anywhere, Bowflex gives you over 100 separate exercises you can perform with laser precision. I say laser because when I work out on this machine, the cable pullies give me complete control of each exercise without any risk of injury. Having such total control over your body parts actually allows for much faster results. It's analogous to have a personal trainer coaching you and watching each and every move.

Who Uses The Revolution

The Bowflex Revolution is marketed towards men and women between the ages of 21 – 45. The audience is basically split between those who want to gain muscle and those who want to lose weight. Fortunately, each goal is easily within reach. A workout DVD is included that walks you through the various exercises and showcases its unique versatility. The nice thing that I like about Bowflex home gyms is that there designed to accommodate all fitness levels and workout experience.

Bowflex Revolution Training and Workouts

The Revolution uses their patented "spiraflex" technology to provide the same benefits of cable machines. All this really means is that variable resistance is controlled through a series of rubber bands wrapped around a coil. The good thing about this is that they do not wear it so what feels like 50lbs today will feel the same 5 years from now. Another great thing about using spiraflex is the speed and ease that you can switch between exercises. I'm not a big fan of lugging around heavy weights so being able to make a few quick adjustments is a welcomed relief. It saves time and allows me to workout ore efficiently. In addition, you can lift as much weight as you want without the need for a spotter.

The Revolution delivers a total of 100 compound and isolation exercises. This included everything from chest flys, squats, deadlifts, shoulder press, arm curls, and much more. Not everyone will need to use 100 exercises. IN fact you could probably make some up if you wanted. However, this does give you the flexibility to achieve and type of fitness goal just by changing your exercise routine.

Overall Opinion Of The Bowflex Revolution

Overall, the Bowflex Revolution is a fantastic home gym that should be considered by anyone that's serious about getting in shape. More often that not, people purchase a home gym only to allow it to collect dust a few months later. If you fee like you are this type of person than I would not advise getting this machine. It's a bit expensive and to be perfectly honest, is meant for people who have the focus and discipline to get in shape. As good as it is, more than half your success is all mental. It takes a winning mindset to build a body that will turn heads. If you have the motivation and the discipline to get in shape than the Bowflex Revolution will blow you away.

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