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Best Mid Cap Mutual Funds 2010 – Essential Information


Mutual Funds are getting popular in India and other countries. This gives good returns for the investors as these are managed by more experienced professionals who do good research before investing in any particular stock. There are various types of schemes available in mutual fund investments. They are:

  • Large Cap Funds
  • Mid Cap Funds
  • Small Cap Funds

There are also some schemes that focus on particular sectors like infrastructure, IT, Pharma or Blue chip Companies.

If you want to invest in these schemes, then you can find the top fund schemes which would generate more returns in 2010. By this way, you can earn more for your investments.

The fund manager of these schemes invest in mid cap stocks. These stocks have a less market capitalization when compared to large cap stocks and they are classified under the category. Some of these stocks generate returns more than the best large cap mutual funds.

Some of the best schemes under this category that is expected to perform well in 2010 are listed below. These funds are generating more consistent returns for the past 1 year, 3 years and 5 years. You can consult a professional expert and get his opinion before investing in any of these schemes.

  • SBI Magnum Global Fund
  • Birla Mid-Cap Scheme
  • JM Mid Cap Fund Growth
  • SBI Magnum Midcap Fund

These schemes have also launched systematic investment plans for the benefit of the retail investors as well as the low income persons. Next Step: Compare the various schemes before investing.

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