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Balance Your Health and Career to Achieve Success


Success is a word which is measured differently depending on who you speak with. The obvious links we associate with success are typically money, power, and fame. However, something extremely important seems to be missing from this list, and that is health. This article is about how true success comes from being healthy and active, which then leads to financial and career success. Here is how it can be accomplished and why everyone should be adhering to this.

The rat race. We live in a society of fast actions, hard deadlines, and never ending traffic. Most people are bustling about trying to get ahead. We get up in the morning, handle our routine and head out to the office; or simply work from home for those freelance entrepreneurs out in the work. It is very important to incorporate exercise somewhere throughout the day. Studies have shown that even fifteen minutes of light exercise like walking can improve our health veryly. You could go for a walk at lunch, or simply wake up a little earlier in the morning and hit the gym before heading to where you work from.

A healthy, non fast food breakfast is essential to health. If you put in processed foods into your system, you will burn out, and your body will not get the nutrients it needs to sustain an active brain and decision making. Coffee, caffeine and in some cases nicotine act like appetite suppressants and if abused can do more harm than good. It is important to make proteins are part of your breakfast diet. There are many options, regardless of your diet preference.

So far we have covered some basic habits, which seem commonplace, however in our busy schedules we often overlook these essential actions. So we have covered the need for breakfast and light exercise, but what happens once we reach our desks and start the routine of looking at a computer screen for hours?

Sitting is bad for us. We are designed to be bipedal upright creatures. Sitting for long periods of time stiffens our muscles, and is bad for circulation. Bad blood circulation is also bad for the oxygen levels in the brain, which are essential for focus and multi-tasking. Some workers have tried medicine balls which does improve our natural posture, but in truth the best solution is the standing desk option.

It is exactly as it sounds and a lot of companies are on board with this type of workspace. By standing you are keeping the blood flowing properly, and are actually burning calories. You will still need to take that 15 minutes of exercise but it is very good for you.

Why does being healthy cause us to be more successful? The answer is because health also brings along psychological benefits. Confidence, energy, happiness and accomplishment. Yes, you can attain those things through privileged gains, but at the end of the day personal health is linked to vitality. You want to accomplish a lot in this lifetime, so you need to treat your body right. If you work in an office you can take a healthy initiative by recommending athletic clubs. Coordinate a weekly lunch job with co-workers, if your business receives catering then recommend a healthier option within pizza.

You can also approach health just as you would when setting career goals. If you are working towards a big promotion, set aside another goal of losing five pounds, or running in a 5k, or cycling 30 miles on the weekend. Success is all about balance. If you are not taking care of yourself because the scales are tipped inevitably towards your career, you will feel lethargic, and will not be able to perform at your peak level.

So you now know the benefits of being healthy when also trying to perform well in your career. Every action has a reaction. If you have a clean, holy lifestyle, but feel that energy disappear while at work, just know that you can change it. You can become an active worker by making small changes at the office or at home.

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Source by Joel R Schwan

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