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Automating Your DVD – CD Online Publishing Business


So, you've decided to give up working as a wage slave and have done all the research and now work from home. In the beginning it's a great feeling but as time progresses you do not want to spend all day every day stuck in front of your computer do you?

So what's the option? You should automate your business. Depending what you are selling and in what quantities, you should work on a plan to out source the mundane bits of your business and work on increasing productivity and turnover.

In the beginning, you find yourself being a Jack of all trades but this will soon eat into your lifestyle and become a chore. You may be working from home but in reality, you are no better off as you are trapped and have no time to enjoy your life.

Look at the different aspects of your business and look at what you could do to automate them. Successful people do not do everything, they delegate and automate. This is what you need to focus on to grow your business.

If you are creating your product yourself then look at the different options to have your product created. If you are designing your websites and graphics then look to have someone create them for you. Elance and Rent a Coder are great websites to find people to do this for you cheaply.

If you are spending so much time packaging orders and taking them to the post office, there are systems that can totally automate this.

Watch what other successful people do and replicate it. You may see people advertising in the national press but only check out and replicate the ones who appear on a regular basis. Their business must be doing OK to have the same ad appear all the time.

Follow the leaders and automate your business where you can. Nobody who does everything ever creates wealth. In the beginning you will do everything but this is your learning curve so delegate and automate for a successful business.

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Source by Martin Butler

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