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Are You a Leader? The Truth About Business Opportunities and Becoming a Millionaire in America


For example, 20 percent of the salespeople working on a given sales-track may make 80 percent of the money. You've probably heard it before. We have to consider that most businesses in the off-line world fail also, so this is to be expected.

But what does it take to make it? Here are five pointers.

1. Personality or leadership (yes, one of these attributes is enough). In this industry, we actually have people excelling that do not even have that much personality, but they do offer leadership to the community. They are teachers and mentors. However, personality does not hurt. Neither does a background in sales. It is often these people that excel online.

2. Money. While it is true that there are many success-stories of people that have borrowed from credit-cards or taken a loan, the best chances to get rich fast, is if you have a few grand to invest. Just the truth. Other opportunity-seekers can be targeted more specifically and leads generated in larger numbers. With a few bucks to invest. There is a slow way to wealth as well. But many do not have the tenacity to take this path.

3. Open-mindedness. I spoke to a 55-year old insurance-agent the other day, who was not only mild successful in his job, to say the least. He was a real star. Now, he had too much money and too much time, and he wanted to "go online". Yet I lost him to a competitor that basically had a flashy website promoting no work, no calling, no skills to learn (and money rolling in on auto-pilot, of course). This is sometimes hard to take. The people that are most cut out for this, have some sort of fear, often technophopia, that stops them from being the success-stories they could otherwise easily become. Getting a website up and running these days takes a day or
two and is 6-grader-stuff.

4. Passion for your business! You gotta love what you do. You have to see the wealth that you are going to generate in your mind's eye and take charge every day. Be in it with your heart, 100 percent. See yourself really, really firing your boss. Dwell on your pain. It will carry you through the humps and bumps in the road. See yourself being free from it all, forever.

5. The right mentor

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Source by Mark Tetzner

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