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Amazing Health Benefits of Apricot Essential Oil


Apricot oil is one such natural essential oil which is widely used for its many therapeutic properties. It is known for having miraculous benefits for improving skin and hair texture. This oil is obtained through the natural extraction from the seeds of apricot tree. The cold pressed method is used for deriving this amazing oil naturally. This method is entirely organic and used since ages to derive various oils naturally. The pure natural oil is highly beneficial for health purpose and its aroma has highly recharging effect on mind and body. This tree is said to be native to Himalayan Region, China, Japan as well as some other places of the world. It has historic value and said to be brought in Greek by Alexander the great.

Revitalizing Effect on Skin

The apricot oil is having yellow color and possesses amazing refreshing and revitalizing effect on mind and body. Due to its medicinal values, it is extensively used in the medical field for treatment purpose as well as in the production of medicines. This oil is highly rich in Vitamin A and E and thus favorable for improving skin and hair health. If massaged with this oil, it can penetrate inside your skin pores and rejuvenates the cells to provide young and glowing skin. It is widely used for getting rid of premature skin aging, dry and dull skin, acne, irritation, rashes and many other skin troubles. Other than these general skin problems, it can also cure serious skin diseases like dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections.

Use of This natural oil in Spa and Aromatherapy

This essential oil is widely used in the aromatherapy and spa centers for curing various health troubles with massage and aromatherapy techniques. Massage therapy by using this oil can get you immense health benefits like reducing joint and body pain, strengthening body, nourish skin and eliminating stress and depression. It can effectively relax your body and mind by improving energy flow and stimulating your nervous system. It is also used for curbing depression by enhancing emotional and physical balance. By discharging disharmony between your mind and body, it can lift your mood and increase positivity in your mind.

Furthermore, it is extensively used for cooking purpose due to containing high unsaturated fat. It is devoid of fatty acids and hence considered very healthy for even heart patients. It is also used for flavoring various cookery recipes. If you are searching for a natural remedy for your skin and hair then Apricot oil is what proved to be highly useful for you.

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Source by Sanjeev Kumar Chaudhary

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