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All Star Dogs – The Secret To Making Your Dog An All-Star

Product Name: All Star Dogs – The Secret To Making Your Dog An All-Star


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I’m about to expose to you some of the most bizarre dog training tips that I’ve encountered in my lifetime and show you the most innovative approach to dog training.You’ll learn how I’ve helped hundreds of my clients defeat some of the most difficult dog training issues such as:Indoor and outdoor potty training Tugging the leash too hard during walks
Loud and violent barking and yelping Attacking strangers or unknown guests  Fear of new spaces and new people  Biting, nipping, and growling  Running after other animals or children  Not listening to calls  Ignoring basic obedience commands such as “sit” and “fetch”  Destructing anything they may encounter  Chewing, digging, and ruining things  Whining and begging for food  And many more!

The best part about all this is that you’ll learn how to fix these common doggy issues without having to resort to yelling, slapping, or making use of dreadful dog training devices(shock and choke collars) in order to deal with your dog’s irritating habits.

Rather, you’ll understand how to employ safe new methods of dog training that I’ve successfully taught to all my other clients. Instead of using abusive behavior to train your canine, you’ll learn how to win over your dog’s obedience, loyalty, and respect using a foolproof set of training tactics. From The Desk Of Dan
Professional Dog Trainer 
Behaviorist, Author, & Speaker
Date: Thursday, 12:53 p.m.

Dear Frustrated Dog Owner,

Getting a dog is a life-changing decision.That’s what your parents used to tell you as a kid “You’re not yet responsible enough”.

But as years went by, you felt ready to make some changes in your schedule that could accommodate taking care of a loving, obedient dog.

You were so excited and happy that the time had finally come!And You Imagined Just How Wonderful Things Would Be:

Well…Things Didn’t Exactly Turn Out The Way You Imagined….

Your dog is your furry companion, but… He tugs on the leash roughly during walks Barks too loud and disturbs the neighbors Attacks strangers & Humps your guests’ legs Pees and poops all over your floor Chews up your prize possessions & And runs after other animals. or showing aggressiveness towards your family and friends. He doesn’t come when you call him
and if you turn your back for a moment it’s likely that you will find him destroying something.
When you are eating dinner he whines and begs for food no matter how many times you tell him to go away. 

This doesn’t sound like the fun and exciting scenario you dreamt of.
On the contrary, it has turned into some kind of nightmare.You are embarrass and frightened to take your dog out, fearing that he will be aggressive or misbehave with others.
And the time you spend alone with your dog is far from fun or happy.You’re constantly trying to calm him down and stop him from destroying the house.Truth is, you’re in over your head.

Before Moving On, Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Daniel Brown and I’m a professional dog trainer, behaviorist, author and speaker.
For the past decade I’ve been participating at worldwide seminars, undergoing extensive workshops and gaining priceless experience by working with thousands of dog owners worldwide.I have read every imaginable book on the subject and I’ve managed to form a 360 degree perspective upon dog training.And I’m here today to reveal all the secrets I’ve learned in my years of tremendous hard work.I want to show you how to cure your dogs worst behavior problems without using extreme or harmful methods.
That’s right, you don’t have to hit, slap, yell at or physically punish your dog in order to train him out of these bad behaviors.There is no need for a shock or choke collar – cruel devices that hurt your dog.

Instead of employing these violent and abusive training methods, you can teach your dog how to be a well behaved dog using only a gentle voice and a few timely rewards.I’m going to show you exactly how you can turn your poorly behaved dog into a good, obedient companion – and it’s not as hard as you might think. 

Listen, I Perfectly Understand What You’re Going Through

I’ve had thousands of owners desperately coming to me wanting to give up on their pets. 

They had countless problems with their dog such as: Peeing around the house and on furniture Growling and barking at you for sitting in his spot Begging and whining for food Ignoring basic commands such as “sit” or “stay” Playing roughly with the children Digging, chewing, biting anything of value Refusing to listen to them Barking at neighbors and other passers
They wanted to take their dog out for walks less and less because he always got in trouble when they did.They were heart-broken because of their badly behaved dog.

As I am sure you are too.
My clients found out the hard way that it takes a lot of effort and responsibility to handle a dog.

But after I shared with them this new and revolutionary method of training, my clients didn’t have to give up on their pets!

In just a few moments I will reveal the secret that will help you teach your dog good behaviors and eliminate his most annoying and destructive behaviors within less than a week.

But First, I Want To Debunk Some Of The Most Common Myths And Misconceptions About Dog Training

These outrageous and crazy dog training myths are still used today by so-called dog trainers and they actually make it harder, if not impossible, for you to train your dog.

Myth #1– Choke Collars Make It Easier For You To Train Your Dog
I am simply outraged by this myth.Not only is it completely false, but it involves unnecessary cruelty towards your dog.
Choke collars are painful and cut off your dog’s breathing.
Moreover, they can cause a lot of damage to your dog’s esophagus.
This method is not at all effective in training your dog – the only thing that happens is that your dog will become traumatized and scared of you.
Now, is that the kind of relationship you want to have with your dog?

Myth #2 – Tough Dogs Need Something Tough – Like a Spike Collar
Again, a totally false and inhuman myth.
As the name suggests, spike or prong collars work by poking into the dog’s neck every time you pull the leash.
It is damaging both to your dog’s body and mental health.
As an owner you should never have to appeal to such measures to train your dog.
There might be some exceptional situations in which dog trainers are required to go to such extreme lengths, but those moments are very rare.
Even then, the cruelty remains.

Myth #3 – If You Want To Keep Your Dog From Barking, An Electric Shock Collar Is The Answer
This one is really sad.
This is a cruel way of controlling one of your dog’s natural instincts.
Studies have shown that shock collars only harm your dog’s immune system, while they do nothing when it comes to barking.
All you will obtain by using this method is having a traumatizeddog.

Myth #4 – The Best Way To Dominate Your Dog Is By Using Physical ForceI don’t have to tell you that this won’t work. You already know it.
In this respect, dogs are very similar to human beings.
Violence won’t get them to respect you or listen to your commands.
It will only make your dog even more traumatized and scared of you.
All the smacking, slapping, hitting, choking, beating won’t do anything except hurt your dog.
There are other ways to get what you want.

Myth #5 – To Assess Your Position As A Boss You Have To Yell At Your Dog
I haven’t heard anything more ridiculous than this. 
Once you start yelling at your dog, he will interpret it as frantic barking and will respond accordingly.
This is definitely not the way to impose yourself in front of your dog.

Successful and experience trainers always win dogs over by talking to them in a calm and loving way or by using hand signals.

Now these 5 myths are only the most known and practiced ones.

But there are tens of other crazy and bizarre training techniques that promise quick results.

Actually, those results are only obtained by permanently traumatizing your dog and even causing irreversible damage to his health.

And if you truly care about your dog, you definitely don’t want that!

Sure, you can use cruel harsh methods that will get your dog to obey due to fear.But he won’t love you or respect you.

Why A Lot Of Professional Trainers Still Use These Training Techniques Today…

You might wonder why so many dog trainers actually use these cruel methods.

Fact is, they deliver fast results, as the dog is pushed into extreme fear.

The problem with these methods is the dog will usually only listen or fear the trainer, not you!
Because those trainers want the most clients in the least amount of time.

So money trumps the ethical rules and the love for pets.
I do not condone this behavior and you, as a dog lover, shouldn’t either. The Truth…
I promise you that once you finish reading this letter, you will have full understanding on how to cure 30 of your dogs worst behaviors without using cruelty or touching a single hair on his body.On the contrary.
By following the simple methods I will reveal, you will strengthen your connection with your dog and he or she will love, trust and respect you.I am going to show you step-by-step, exactly how you can get your dog to behave by using no physical contact and no harmful tactics.

Actually, you and your pet will have fun conducting the training.
By the end of the training sessions your dog will be a totally different canine – a happy, obedient and well behaved dog whom you can take anywhere with confidence.Listen, I love dogs and I’m sure you do too.

This Is The Reason Why I Created The Program
I’m About To Share

I was sick and tired of the old-fashion ways and I hated seeing dogs continually getting hurt.
On the other side, I was constantly being contacted by clients who were desperate about their badly behaved dogs.
So I began to conduct extensive research, go to all the trainings and workshops available, read all the related literature and gain extensive firsthand experience training thousands of dogs.
In short, I did everything in my power and beyond my power to develop innovative training methods that deliver fast results at the same time strengthen the relationship between you and your dog.

It took me a lot of time to improve these methods and to come up with the best version possible.

But today I am proud to present to you what I consider to be the biggest accomplishment of my career.

I am sure that All Star Dogs will help you to easily learn all the methods, tactics and techniques you need to turn your dog into a happy, loving, and obedient pet without laying a hand on him.With All Star Dogs, you can learn the right techniques to fix 30 of your dog’s most frustrating problems without ever touching single hair on his body.
Instead, you will do it by building a strong loving and long-lasting relationship with your dog.
This program contains all the revolutionary methods for training that will allow you to turn yourpoorly behaved, disobedient, uncontrollable and unpredictable dog…into a happy, peaceful, responsive, obedient and loyal companion. 
The most amazing part of this is that you will never have to hit, slap, smack or shock your dog to achieve this effect.The comprehensive All Star Dog Training Program involves training your dog in a positive, healthy and supportive way without any physical contact or punishment.

My program is designed to help you build a loving, and respectful relationship with your dog.

What’s more, both you and your canine companion benefit from this program – your dog will have fun learning the commands because he will be rewarded for good behavior and you will enjoy the pleasure of having a well behaved and easy to control dog.

I am confident that you will learn how to read your dog’s every move and you’ll see a consistent positive change.
What’s even better, you’ll only have to spend 10-15 minutes a day fixing you dog’s most annoying and destructive habits.And the results will be visible from the first week.

That sounds great, right?

Here’s What Some Clients Had To Say After Undergoing My Program.

Feedback #1:“It took hardly 6 days for my Daisy to change completely!
As you all probably know, Labradors are super friendly dogs. 
But unfortunately, they’re very hyper and always create havoc wherever they go. After using this amazing training program, Daisy showed a drastic change in her behavior! It took less than 2 weeks to fully train her into an obedient, calm, and serene dog. Ever since I trained her, I have no worries about her running off into the street or digging holes in the front yard. I’m so happy with the results.” 
– Susan Dallas, Nevada

Feedback #2:“Rico has finally learned to obey all our commands!
Our dog Rico is a small Terrier and is super friendly with the kids. Our main problem with him was that he wasn’t so keen about listening to anything we’d say. After using your program, he listens to all our commands including sit, stay, come, fetch, etc.
This program is really too good to be true! I still can’t believe Rico is the same small dog we used to own. Your program has helped us a lot!” 
– Karen Styles, Mississippi

It’s great to see clients regaining lost hope and see their dogs becoming the good and obedient companions they always wanted.
And this is just the first step in getting your dog to shed his worst behaviors.
You see, the All Star Dog Training Program goes even deeper than that and teaches you valuable techniques to turn your dog into a good, obedient lifelong companion.

You Can Finally TRUST your dog alone in the house

You won’t have any doubts about leaving your dog home alone, as he won’t temper anymore with your furniture or prized possessions.

Simply put, the All Star Dog Training Program is going to show you: Clever and creative ways to keep your dog from peeing and pooping inside your house
Easy tips and tricks to get your dog or puppy to potty train quickly
How I’ve gotten away with teaching dogs to not destroy furniture
Strategies for keeping dogs away from valuables and stop them from chewing things
How to teach your dog to pee when you say so and how this can do wonders for you
How to get your dog to stop begging and whining and how to teach him to listen to orders
Object recognition techniques and signaling your dog to get him to understand your commandsEverything is going to completely change if you simply follow the easy steps I lay out in my program.
All the stress & frustration you endured so far is going to transform into happiness and enjoyment of being around your loving dog.Sure, your dog is not going to turn into a saint.
In the end dogs will be dogs.But he will renounce all extreme and bad behavior, adopting instead an obedient, calm, quite and relaxed attitude.

Here’s Another Client Story

Let’s hear from some happy clients who have completed the program and now are amazed by how their dog stopped acting hectic, chasing strangers, stopped barking insanely or destroying valuable items.

Feedback #3:“An amazing Program That Really Helped Change My Dog. My little puppy is a great little companion, but lately I’ve been having trouble with him biting. 
And his bites are actually quite sharp. They don’t seem playful at all. 
My puppy started biting after I would scold him in an attempt to get him to stop chewing on stuff. 
After using this training program I have realized how easy it is to train your dog. I literally only used a few techniques from the program and I’ve seen quite a change in my puppy’s behavior. 
He has even started listening to my commands now. Thank you. 
–  Michelle Donavan, Kentucky

After you’ve completed my program you can be sure that your dog won’t destroy the house anymore…and you will discover how to turn him into a good & obedient dog in public.
The All Star Dog Training Program will also teach you valuable tips and tricks on how to get your dog to be friendly with strangers.Don’t worry, he will still protect you if he senses danger, but he’ll learn to behave in the day-to-day non- dangerous scenarios.

The strategies in my program are extremely simple and they will help you teach your dog how to: Become more confident and be friendly and playful with strangers. Ignore other animals that they might come into contact with No barking, chasing, or  pulling the leash. Stop the habit of biting and chewing on valuable things in less than 24 hours. Calmly greet children and tolerate any harmless pushing, squeezing, or tail pulling. Calm down by controlling them through special techniques involving “Prey Drive” and “Urge Control”. Diffuse their anger issues towards people by the use of a window. Greet strangers without howling or barking at them.Believe me; I’ve seen these techniques work for thousands and thousands of dog owners.

Not to mention that I daily use them myself and see extraordinary results.
I’ve even managed to train volunteer dogs for nursing homes and hospitals by using the tactics presented in my program.

It is simply game changing.

As you advance in the All Star Dog Training Program you will learn more and more strategies on how to get the well-behaved dog you always wanted.

How Expert Trainers Train Their Dog to Go on Leash-Less Walks with Them in the Park without Running Away or Chasing Others 

You won’t feel jealous anymore of dog owners who effortlessly walk their dogs or give commands the dogs follow immediately.Listen, I only like to make promises that I can keep.So I am not going to promise you that you’ll be able to walk your dog without a leash within the first week of training.What I CAN promise you is that your dog will turn into a pleasant, calm, loving, and obedient companion as you will successfully train him to: Quit tugging the leash in as little as 4 minutes  Heel to you while leash-less and avoid distractions altogether    Automatically “Sit” and “come” at your whisper or hand signal Obey each and every command while out in public around tons of distractions   Avoid aggressive behavior around new people  Eliminate (potty) on command   Stop all chewing and biting habits within 24 hours  Not jump on people or furniture ever   Eliminate separation anxiety completely  
And much much more….  And it’s not only a promise I make, but the results many of my clients have seen.

Here’s what Katy from Louisiana had to say about All Star Dog Training Program:

Feedback #4:“It’s been weeks and my dog hasn’t tugged on the leash once! After using this program, I noticed results almost instantly. 
My dog Snow realized what I was trying to teach her and learned it with ease. I rewarded her for any good behavior and she continued to listen to all the basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and fetch.
She learned so quickly that I had no treats left for her! Then I taught her how to stay calm while attaching her leash to her collar. As soon as we went out she followed me and I continued to reward her with doggy treats. 
All this turned out to be pretty fun. She knew when to heel and when to get up. I absolutely love this program. It helped me train my dog when she was just a puppy. 
She hasn’t been trouble at all ever since. Thank you so much!” – Katy Brian, Louisiana

I’m sure that you would like to experience the same results yourself.
And I’m telling you it’s more than possible.

Not Only Do You Get Them To Obey You, But You Get Strategies to Help You Face Your Toughest Training Issues

Yes, the program has the potential to teach you how to solve any imaginable problem that you are facing with your dog.
Moreover, I will be giving you valuable insights into the canine psychology you never knew about.
This will help you take the training to a more advanced level and even teach your canine friend impressive tricks.You Will Discover Techniques On: Keeping your dog from barking while training him or teaching a command. Training your dog to ring a bell instead of barking at the door when strangers arrive.   How often you should be training your dog to get the best possible results in the least amount of time. How to handle any mistakes your dog might make without being harsh or abusive.  Reasons why you shouldn’t be treating your dog like a child and why they don’t like being treated this way. How to get your dog to accept new things, places, and people. How to keep your dog attentive during training hours so he’ll focus on you and only you. The  All Star Dog Training Program is definitely the answer to all your dog problems.
As long as you follow my instructions and put love in the training, everything should work out exceptionally.Like it did for this dog owner:

Feedback #5:
“My puppy learned all that he needed to in less than 2 weeks. My newly adopted puppy, like any other dog, was completely untrained when we brought him home. 
I had read so many books on dog training and heard so many stories of how to get your dog to be obedient but they all suggested waiting for the puppy to get older. 
But when I came across your training guide I learned how to train my puppy at a young age of just 8 weeks. I learned so many creative approaches to puppy training, some I hadn’t even heard of before. As soon as I started using the program, the results showed immediately.
All the techniques worked like magic. I’m grateful for this wonderful little program. It hardly takes up any time from my daily routine. I suggest everyone should check it out if they’re struggling with training their dogs.” – Anthony Cook, Virginia

“My Entire Dog Training Program Is A
Dog Training System” 

The All Star Dog Training Program Includes: 92 detailed online lessons covering every single thing from A-Z. Obedience, behavior, tricks, health, and much more. 23 videos with step by step instructions for training your dog   Direct access to a personal dog trainer who can answer all your questions  Specific training tips for specific types of dogs (this will help you overcome training hurdles)  Over 10 advanced training lessons to help you teach your dog advanced tricks 

Here’s The Snapshot Of The Entire Package You Will Receive:

Truth is a while back we ran a test campaign for the All Star Dog Training Program that was greeted with much applause and love by the public and this was the price.We sold out within 48 hours.We received endless thank you messages from a lot of extremely happy customers.
The phone started to ring congratulating us for the amazing training but especially for the great results it triggered.

That’s when I decided to run another campaign, but only for a limited time.And I also decided that this time I had to make it more affordable for anyone, anywhere.

That’s why I did something that many of you might consider to be crazy:For a very limited time, I decided to offer a 81% discount!

Such a small price to pay for a happy, obedient, and well mannered dog.The Catch? There Is None!

The fact is in the last few months I have been working on some brand new dog training resources.

But before selling them to the public, I want to hear your opinion on them.

That’s why, if you invest in the All Star Dog Training Program today, you will also receive for free:

Imagine being able to build your dog his/her own house over the weekend! This guide includes plans and step by step instructions on building your perfect dog house.

The cookbook that your dog and dogs everywhere have been waiting for has finally arrived. The Ultimate Collection Of 140 Dog Recipes unleashes 140 recipes for tasty treats and meals for your canine friend that are sure to have your dog salivating.

Dog grooming is a direct reflection of how much you care for your pet. This guide will show you how to let the whole world know how much you love them.

In This guide you will learn the most common threats to your dog’s health and how to prevent or treat them.

Dogs are surprisingly complex creatures. Some official estimates of the number of breeds reach as high as 800 in Western countries alone. In this guide you will learn how to cater your training to your specific type of dog.

This guide is almost 400 pages long, and contains history on hundreds and hundreds of different dog breeds.
Understanding the full history of your dog will help you train him/her better.
It’s a must-have for all dog lovers, and dog owners!
So if you claim your 81% off discount offer, you’ll be getting my complete All Star Dog Training Program at a ridiculously low price. And you’ll also be getting the 6 super dog bonuses for free!
You’ll be able to use my successful “All Star Dog Training Program” to solve all your dog’s behavioral problems within no time.You’ll finally be able to get that good, obedient, and loving dog that you always dreamt of.

I Stand Behind My Program 100% – The Burden To Deliver & Satisfy Is On Me! 

You don’t have to decide right now if my All Star Dog Training Program is right for you and your dog.
I am giving you the option to try it risk free for the next 60 days.
You’ll be able to go through all 92 lessons, watch all the videos and get all 6 bonuses for two whole months without risking a thing!
If in 2 months you feel that my program doesn’t live up to your expectations or your dog doesn’t change and show results…
I will gladly honor my “No Problems, No Hassle, No Hard Feelings” money back guarantee.The burden to deliver and satisfy is on me!
Look, I would want my tooth to hurt and ache non-stop if I thought you would hate my program.Heck, I’ll even let you keep the 6 super bonuses for free! I know it sounds over the top to you but it’s just my way of saying “thanks” for giving it a shot.

Heads Up: Don’t Be shocked If This Happens 

If your dog isn’t well behaved and well trained even the simplest tasks can become difficult and frustrating.You will constantly be worried and frustrated, never having that peace of mind that you deserve.
You will never be relax and enjoy a happy relationship with your dog like this.
You don’t want to lock your dog up all day, spend a fortune on trainers…or worst invest in a course that encourages slapping, smacking or yelling at your dog.
Instead you can use my effective, innovative All Star Dog Training Program proven to work like magic by thousands of dog owners from all around the world.The choice is yours, whether you want to continue to be frustrated, or finally enjoy a good, obedient and loving dog.

How To Claim Your Discounted Copy Of The All Star Dog Training Program Plus All Six Bonuses 

Professional Dog Trainer, Behaviorist, Author, Speaker
P.S. Please remember this offer is only available for a limited time. If you wait you’ll miss out on this wonderful opportunity!
I have eliminated all your risk with my Iron Clad 60 Days No hassle, No problems, no hard feelings money back guarantee!P.P.S. Try my program for a full two months and even if you don’t keep the program (I highly doubt it)I’ll let you keep all 6 bonuses as a gift for giving my All Star Dog Training Program a try
Click on the button below to get started now and you’ll finally be able to get the happy and obedient dog you always dreamt of. I’ll see you on the other side.

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Click here to get All Star Dogs – The Secret To Making Your Dog An All-Star at discounted price while it’s still available…

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All Star Dogs – The Secret To Making Your Dog An All-Star is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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