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Affordable and Lightweight Portable X-Ray Machines


Physicians often find that they can provide the best patient care when they have access to a portable x-ray system. Patients who are not mobile, those in nursing homes, as well as those in other environments such as athletes in a sports arena would be common examples where portable x-ray machines are needed. Happily, there are several options for cost-effective and easy-to-transport portable digital x-ray systems for your use.

A portable system offers many of the same features as an in-office x-ray system. A better portable x-ray system will allow for the distribution of digital medical images when you are out of the home office environment. Portable x-ray machines are typically CR, or computed radiography, systems that utilize erasable cassettes and phosphor plates to capture the patient medical images. Several systems allow you to easily store and then recall commonly used settings, saving you time. When used in conjunction with a laptop computer with wireless Internet access, the system can also function as a clinical workstation as you would have in your home medical office. With digital image capture made possible with a portable system, you will also have the ability to archive the digital images you take out in the field, or quickly quickly send them back to your home medical facility for further diagnoses. Portable systems also last a long time, even in strenuous field conditions. They are made with strong wheel and metal components that will end for many seasons. Many systems also come with different sizes of wheels, so that you have the option of larger wheels to cover long distances faster, or smaller wheels for easy use in tight quarters.

The small size and portability of these x-ray devices make them perfectly suitable for in-field digital radiography image capture. You will appreciate the ease with which you can move these systems around, even in tight quarters, and you will be pleased at how little room it takes up in your vehicle. Weighing in at only eighty-eight to ninety-seven pounds and usually placed on a wheeled carrier, a portable x-ray system will not cause you physical stress to move it about. Many of the carriers also fold up, saving even more space in your transport vehicle.

If you are a mobile medical service provider, you can offer better patient care with a fully functional and affordable portable digital x-ray system at your disposal.

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