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Advantages of Investing When Young


Too often young adults do not invest in the markets. They wait until their late thirties or 40's hit and then, "oh my gosh, maybe we should look at our retirement account or start one or …"

Actually young adults have distinctive advantages in investing as soon as possible. If this means you, then yes you should take advantage of these opportunities:

  • Build your retirement account without panic
  • Create wealth to secure your dreams
  • Take advantage of time being on your side
  • Formulate your goals and plans for a debt-free future
  • Prepare to retire early

Exactly what do I mean?

Build your retirement account without panic – simply put you have the chance to start your account early and avoid the realization so many of us have had when we hit our 40's or 50's and realized we have not stuck away enough money to live on when our careers end, or our jobs cease to exist. It is so much easier to put aside small amounts of money than have to start dumping hundreds upon hundreds out of every paycheck to bank enough for your later years.

Your account can be a 401 (k) at work or an IRA – actually you should have a Roth IRA even if you have a retirement plan at work.

Create wealth to secure your dreams – instead of hoping to have enough money to get the car or home of your dreams or a Caribbean Cruise, why not have regular investment accounts dedicated to providing you the money to meet your special desires? Why not?

Take advantage of time being on your side – besides the obvious of starting to build up your bank roll before most do, there are two distinct advantages to starting a safe investing plan as a young adult: 1) you can afford to make a few learning mistakes or to take it slow because it will not hurt your long-term objectives and 2) you have more time to learn or read or hear what other successful investors have to say while developing your own personal investment goals and methods.

Formulate your goals and plans for a debt-free future – yes if you start young, in your 20's or early 30's you can live the major of your life debt-free. So you need to start thinking about what it would be like to have no car payment, no credit card revolving bills, no loans.

Prepare to retire early – yes if you build your retirement account now as a young adult why not retire when you are 45, or 52? Why wait until you are 68?

If you retire early with a well-developed and funded set of accounts what's to prevent you from spending the winters in Arizona or on some remote beach? What about going on a one month cruise every year?

How about visiting a different National Park each year? This may not be possible because after seeing Glacier National Park or a few others you may want to return to these every other year. By the way, there are 59 National Parks so you might have to do two or three a year – how awfully wonderful would that be?

The point is simple: start with a small amount, maybe just 1% of each paycheck to go into your retirement account, and you will be on your way to total financial freedom.

Increase your investment every three of four months by adding another percent or even a half percent and you will not miss the additional dollars. Then add a wealth account so you have both one or two retirement accounts and wealth (splurge) account and, yes, let me repeat, you will be well on your way to total financial freedom.

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Source by Raymond Dominick

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