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6 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service


1. Be professional and polite : We all know that First Impression is Best Impression, so make it as best as possible. Lot of times we make some conclusions about people or the organizations within sometimes after doing some interactions with them. Make your employees to be professional in handling customers and also polite. Provide them with adequate training and support in this area. This will not only boost their confidence but also helps make you more business efficiently.

2. Be Knowledgeable of products or services : I have seen many times that the front-desk employees do not have enough knowledge about the products and services and when a customer inquires about them, either you will get the wrong information or no information related to it. Keeping your employees knowledgeable of your products or services, especially those who are interacting with customers like sales people and customer service personnel is very important if you want to deliver good customer service.

3. Consistently following the procedures and policies : Ensure the employees who are constantly interacting with outside customers follow the procedures and policies of your organization like refund policies, warranty and guarantee policies, etc. In failing to do so, will cause unnecessary misunderstandings, chaos and other problems leading to poor customer satisfaction. Provide the employees with right set of tools and train them how to use those tools. You will have little time to provide the requested information to the customer, so make sure you have all the right tools and right training.

4. Immediate resolution of complaints : It is very critical that you provide the solution to the Customers complaints as soon as possible. A poor timeline for resolution of problems of customers will lead to significant damage to company's reputation and image, which will cause serious trouble to your business. Also document the complaints and their solutions for future reference, so that you can resolve those problems, if they resurface in future, immediately rather than reinventing the wheel.

5. Taking feedbacks and putting them into action : The best way to improve your customer service and keep a touch with customers is to ask for feedback about your company, products and services. This way you not only know where you are lacking but also gets new insights about the expectations of the customers. Many organizations follow this method to stay competitive and improve their processes and products.

6. Keep it Simple : Simplicity is the way to go in today's businesses. You can see this approach in every business today. Take for example ipod, it has become popular primarily due to its simplicity in use. People love simple and good design products. Make your procedures and processes simple so that customers do not go through the complex processes to contact a customer service personnel or order a product or inquire about a product.

Use the principle KISS: Keep it Short and Simple. Or in a funny way: Keep it Simple, Stupid. 🙂

At the end I would like to conclude that it is not easy to accomplish the above strategies without the use the technology in today businesses. Invest in the appropriate technologies with clear goals as much as you can and you reap the benefits many more times than your investment (High ROI, Return on Investment). Providing a great customer service is only first step and to have you business growing you need to have Loyal customers, and you can look out 7 Ways to increase your customer loyalty

Follow the above steps and you will be on the fore-front of the Customer Service with Happy and satisfied Customers.

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Source by Praveen Kumar Tumma

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