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Teofin – Mobile Banking App XD UI Template


Teofin - Mobile Banking App XD UI Template - 1

TeofinUI Kit is a high quality pack designed for Banking, Mobile Banking, Finance Business. The package containing tons of useful elements and components to create mobile apps. It also includes 40 ready-made screens for iOS to make your design flow simple.


01 Welcome
02 Onboarding 2
03 Onboarding 3
04 Onboarding 4
05 Sign in
06 SignIn(Code)
07 Forgot password
08 Forgot Password(sent email)
09 New password
10 Sign up
11 Sign up (account created)
12 Verify your phone number
13 Confirmation code
14 Dashboard
15 Deposits
16 Open Deposit
17 Open Moneybox
18 Loans
19 Open new loan
20 Notification
21 More
22 Open new card
23 Create invoice
24 Invoice sent
25 Statistics>
26 Statistics (Choose card)
27 FAQ
28 Privacy Policy
29 Profile
30 Edit personal info
31 Exchange rates
32 Card menu
34 Change PIN Code
35 Payments
36 Top-Up Payment
37 Mobile payment
38 Found Transfer
39 IBAN payment
40 Transaction history
41 Transaction details
42 Payment Success
43 Payment Failed

Font Used:

Icon Used:

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Software Version :

– Adobe XD

So thanks again for your support, its greatly appreciated. Also checkout my other template files if you are interested.
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All images are just used for preview purpose only and replaced with Placeholder Images. They are not part of the template and not included in the final purchase files.
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