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“I peeked at my presents!”

I’m done my holiday shopping.
I’ve been working on it since I’ve been home from the shore.
The plan was to have it all done by Thanksgiving this year to avoid going into any crowded stores. Mission accomplished!
About 80% of it I was able to do online, but there are always those few stores I want to wander through to browse for those little things you didn’t know you wanted until you see them, like Marshall’s Home Goods and T.J.Maxx where the inventory is always changing. Both stores are usually a mad house during the holiday season, and I didn’t relish the thought of going if there was going to be a crowd.
I hit both places last Wednesday. Everyone else must have been at home getting ready for Thanksgiving and both stores were practically empty!
I felt like I could shop in safety.
I found all sorts of goodies, including this dog toy for Pearl.
When I came home I dropped a handful of bags on the floor and went back to the car to get the rest of my haul. When I came back, there was Pearl with the stuffed mallard in her mouth.
I can’t believe the little bugger actually rooted through the bags, or that out of the dozen or more things in it, she pulled out the thing that was supposed to be for her!
I asked her just what she thought she was doing, and the look on her face here says she’s not quite sure if she’s in hot water or not!
LOL…it became her Thanksgiving present!

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