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East Anglian Railway Museum – The Goods Shed – plaque

East Anglian Railway Museum - The Goods Shed - plaque

A visit to the East Anglian Railway Museum.

The East Anglian Railway Museum is located at Chappel and Wakes Colne railway station in Essex, England, which is situated on the former Great Eastern Railway branch line from Marks Tey to Sudbury. Services on the Sudbury Branch Line are operated by Abellio Greater Anglia.

The museum has a wide collection of locomotives and rolling stock, some of which are fully restored, three are converted into Thomas, Percy and Toby replicas while others are undergoing repair and restoration. The Restoration Shed was built in 1983–4, before which most work had to take place in the Goods Shed or in the open. On event days, steam or diesel train rides are operated over a short demonstration track.

The museum also plays host to three popular annual events: the Winter Beer Festival held each February, the Cider Festival held each June, and the Summer Beer Festival held each September. During the festivals, additional late-evening trains on the Sudbury Branch Line allow festival-goers to return home by train subject to provision by the train operation companies. There are no moving exhibits during the festivals, although train carriages are usually open to sit in and drink, with one wagon doubling up as The Shunters Arms at the summer festival.

The museum was originally formed as the Stour Valley Railway Preservation Society on 24 September 1968. The SVRPS was established at Chappel & Wakes Colne Station in December 1969 after a lease was obtained from British Rail to use the vacant goods yard and railway buildings, including the station building. The first public steam day took place three months later.

The goods shed and station buildings were quickly restored; with a workshop being set up in the goods shed to enable maintenance and restoration work to be undertaken on the rolling stock.

The Stour Valley Railway Preservation Society was renamed to The East Anglian Railway Museum in 1986 to confirm its focus on representing railway history of the Eastern Counties rather than just operating trains. The museum gained charitable status in 1991 (Registered Charity No. 1001579) and became a Registered Museum in 1995.

Since 2005, the museum has had a greater emphasis on interpretation and display facilities, a large variety of events take place each year to raise funds to support the museum’s activities.

The Goods Shed

Believed erected at the same time as the main station buildings in 1891, this was the main centre of activity of the station until freight activity on the line ceased in 1962. The small building on the end of the main building was the office of the Goods Clerk. The building was used mainly for goods needing protection from the weather, or of value, bulk goods such as coal or other minerals being unloaded in the yard. The crane is from Saffron Walden Goods Shed and was rebuilt here in 1993.


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Home from the market through the rain

Home from the market through the rain

During the dry season we got a glimpse of what a monsoon probably looks like. While waiting for a local bus to arrive two hours late just in time.
During that time I took pictures of people on the street like this lady. The Burmese women mainly carry goods on there heads. Amazing to see sometimes how they manage to balance everything.

Please keep in mind:
Burma (Myanmar) is ruled by a military junta. In 1990 Aung San Suu Kyi was elected by the people and imprisoned for the next 20 years after the election by the military.
In 2010 a election was staged to keep the military leaders in their current positions. People are starving and are forced to work.

All the pictures you may see in my stream are very onesided, as it is prohibited to take pictures of the military and the police. Also I just do not take pictures of poor people on the streets and there are a lot of very poor people in Burma.

The Burmese people are the nicest people I ever met and should be supported, even if I don´t really know how.

The country needs support. I posted some links to some international organizations helping Burma.

Burma is NOT the usual travel destination! Even if I am avoided all governement fees as far as possible (partly in long hours of bus travel) I still can´t say that I am sure travelling the country helps the people or should be boycotted as proposed by some people.

The government just moved the capital to Naypyidaw. When I saw it from the bus passing it, I had tears in my eyes seeing how the "Generals" collect the money building fancy buildings and streets around them with people starving. I was so shocked that I did not even took a picture…
International Red Cross

and of a smaller German organisation (I met one of the responisbles during my trip)

This is an incomplete list, I´ve also seen and there are others.

Please help, the burmese people need it.

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