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No Longer Home

No Longer Home


Why is Jolene Bummed?

The joys of home ownership must include the ability to sell said home whenever the whim struck.

Tenants? Fuck ’em.

I now have to move – to where, I have no idea. Realtors bring strangers to the house where I’ve lived for the past two years, so potential buyers can open my closets, walk through my rooms, slam my doors…

I’m in a jam. The house will be sold very shortly. In fact, one of the neighborhood realtors wants to buy it for himself and is putting in an offer today.

I am going to hold an online moving sale and will post the items in a set here on Flickr, so my Flickr Family can have first crack at the goods. After that, the’ll head towards eBay.

Once the set is up, I’ll let you all know and you can peruse. Perhaps I’ll make it a group. I don’t know, yet.

All I know now is that I have to leave a house I love and cannot afford to buy myself.


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{ Urban } HOME Goods – sent

{ Urban } HOME Goods - sent

my partner also collects pin cushions, so I’m sending one of the ones from my article in the last issue of Somerset Home 🙂

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