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Urban Home Goods Swap 3 – My Mosaic

Urban Home Goods Swap 3 - My Mosaic

1. UHG Finished, 2. brioni hexed in, 3. EXPOSE…, 4. Houses cushion #04, 5. dreamy mug rug, 6. Happy Camper Embroidery, 7. ‘Hope Valley’ pin cushion, 8. mug rug bug, 9. I love my bed…, 10. J Rogers Quilt, 11. linen napkins with embroidery, 12. Nesting bucket!, 13. hexagon pillow 1, 14. Odekake Totes, 15. Where We Live 2, 16. Orla, 17. Bracelet Bag, 18. 2, 19. Urban Home Swap, 20. ABCs, 21. tuttle quilt, 22. Urban Home Goods Swap Project 4, 23. Scrappy Storage, 24. * Kerri’s Hoop for Me * "Hand Stitched" Embroidery SWAP, 25. dqs8 getting quilted

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Image from page 110 of “Parables for school and home ..” (1898)

Image from page 110 of

Identifier: parablesforschoo00garr
Title: Parables for school and home ..
Year: 1898 (1890s)
Authors: Garrison, Wendell Phillips, 1840-1907
Subjects: Conduct of life
Publisher: New York, Longmans, Green & co.
Contributing Library: University of Connecticut Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Connecticut Libraries

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Text Appearing Before Image:
. These same people, I remem-ber, a few years ago, said the American flag didnot belong to Americans who were willing to letthese cheap goods come into the country for thesake of all who were unable to purchase thedearer goods made at home. If we could not love our father and motherwithout hating some one else, we could not callthat a pure love. Nor is that pure patriotismwhich cannot love our country without hatingEngland. A great Englishman, Thomas Paine,who came over here and helped us in our Revo-lution against his own Government, thoughthimself a good patriot when preventing hiscountry from doing wrong by oppressing thecolonies. We too thought him a good patriot,for we accepted his help. He loved the littleisland where he was born like Oceanus Hopkinsin the Mayflower, but he hated nobody for beingborn somewhere else. ** Independence, said he,** is my happiness, and I view things as they are,without regard to place or person ; my countryis the world, and my religion is to do good.

Text Appearing After Image:
Desidetius Erasmus. X EQUALITY OF THE SEXES. BOYS have been known EQUALITY OF THE SEXES BOYS have been known to say, Im glad Imnot a girl ; and we might suppose theywere thinking of those troublesome skirts whichmake walking or running, or climbing fences, orplaying ball or tennis, or mounting ladders, oreven going up and down stairs, less easy for girlsthan for boys, especially if the skirts are long.But perhaps what they had in mind was the girlsbeing more confined to the home and going lessabroad to see the world, having to share in thehousehold drudgery of cooking and washing,sweeping and dusting and making beds, of nurs-ing the sick, and being themselves, as a rule, notso strong and hearty as their brothers. Perhaps,again, boys have noticed that a girls education isnot expected to be as thorough as theirs; not somany go to college, though the number of girlswho do go is increasing every year. Then, whenboys come out of school or college, they have toearn a living, and this keeps

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