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Springville Auction

Springville Auction

Not RespoNsibLe foR peRsoNs uNdeR 21yRs old
No ALcohoLic beveRAges oR sMoKiNg
Keep ouT of ALL peNs
ALL dogs shouLd be oN A LeAshe
No dogs or CATS peRMiTTed To
be giveN AWAY…
Gentner’s Commission Market was established in 1939 as a weekly livestock market, Gentner’s continues to gain popularity. The market attracts thousands each Wednesday, who browse through the extensive flea market and produce dealer stands and animal barns.
Visitors can bid and purchase all manner of collectibles and knickknacks, furniture and tools, pets and livestock. Locally grown fruits and vegetables as well as pastries can be purchased. Local vendors sell such items as cows, pigs, rabbits, mice, pigeons and other animals. Foods include Amish pies, cookies, breads and jams and home grown goods like sweet corn, peaches, plums, nectarines and cherries. Local merchants also serve hamburgers and Italian sausage for visitors along with cookies and sweet treats.

In addition to these locally grown goods, visitors can also purchase a myriad of gadgets and gizmos. Just some of the items that sell each Wednesday include gardening tools, handcrafted wooden birdhouses, used videocassettes, vintage clothing boxes of plastic toys, tools, old vinyl albums, antique bottles and books, handmade dolls, pillows, wicker baskets/furniture, picture frames, household equipment and furniture and gardening tools.

Location: Gentner Auction, 341 West Main Street, Springville, NY
Times of Operation: Wednesday, 7 AM to 5 PM
Season: July through mid November

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