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Yard Clearance

Yard Clearance

Workington Goods Yard is one of those depressing places that is an exceedingly pale shadow of its once glorious former self.
At one time serving ironworks, steelworks and the rail-making plant it now only sees action when a run around is required, such as the one Marra Man is performing here,
In this shot taken from the Bessemer Way road bridge he is heading away past his tanks in order to drop on t’other end.
In the distance can be seen Workington Main No.2 signal box and to the left a brace of rust-bitten Corus owned railflat wagons, about the only evidence that Workington once produced virtually all the rails for both home and export.

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Leith Walk West goods yard (or not)

Leith Walk West goods yard (or not)

Still resplendent in orange-red sandstone are the buildings of the former LMSR goods yard on Leith Walk. The large entrance sign has gone the same way as the railway sidings, reduced to an anonymous car park for the six industrial units beyond of Leith Walk Trading Estate, home to MOT testing and a large sawmill.

Alexander Cunningham captured the same scene in 1970.

Original DSC_2905

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